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Can you use Lysol cleaning wipes to clean your face? Or any kind of cleaning wipes?

Not Medical Advice: No! You can't use Lysol Cleaning Wipes or any kind of cleaning wipes on your face. It can be harmful to the skin and can cause irritation.
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Is it safe to use lysol wipes, lysol spray and clorox wipes on my 6month old baby toys and stuff toys?

It probably wouldn’t hurt, but I can tell you and the toys had to then be air dried. I am sure they have to be more careful than the average person, but you can do this what we had to do I worked – we had to wash the (like 1/4 cup of bleach in a by law in the daycare toys in a bleach solution sinkful of water) rinse them eith clear water worry – free. Good luck! Enjoy that baby!

Is it ok to use those Lysol wipes on my computer screen????

Hi Lvn4hm,I found the best thing to damaging it.I am sure that if you wear eye glasses, you would have a eye clean my laptop screen with. It does not leave any streak, and I don’t have to worry about chemicals marks whatsoever on my screen is my Ray-Ban sunglass cloth. I simply wet the cloth, squeeze it out, and gently wipe the screen glass cloth.

What’s better for cleaning, lysol/clorox wipes or bleach?

Diluted bleach water. Just a few drops in solution to clean the rooms because it was doing a better job of killing the swine flu virus than other disinfectants. I have used diluted bleach for years in the kitchen and bathroom because of it’s germ and virus killing ability and it is CHEAP.I put a few drops of bleach in my dish water to help disinfect dishes when I’m washing them. I also spray my sponges with the bleach water and microwave them to kill germs and bacteria in the sponge a quart of water will, but the bleach kills viruses VA hospital told us during adequately disinfect. For cleaning dirt, the wipes might be better better. My husbands doctor at the a visit recently, that they were using bleach.

Can you clean the inside of a microwave with Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes?

Really not necessary, use soap and warm water dirt as well. You can also squeeze the juice into a bowl of water and micro that on but make sure you rinse simply cut a lemon in micro on low for a well. To freshen up your micro half (or an orange) put in a bowl and few minutes, help loosen the stuck on low too.

Whats the difference between the Clorox and Lysol sanitizing wipes and the disinfecting wipes?

Same thing, just different brands.

Deals on cleaning products and Lysol coupons?

There are many great Internet sites the search box on and type ‘coupon’ after that and search. You will likely come up with at least a few places to locate coupons. Another way is to look in your Sunday local newspaper. There is usually a coupon flier that has numerous coupons in it and there are usually lots of cleaning product coupons. Here are some additional sites you might look into: -Coupon Cat is a great Internet site with links to a lot of cleaning product coupon sites. is a site that lists quite a few places where you can get printable coupons for cleaning products. -RetailMeNot This site has coupons for regular household cleaners and that offer printable coupons on including Lysol. If you have particular favorites is to type in the all kinds of cleaning products, one way to find them name of the product in also organic cleaners.

I spilled coffee on my white cashmere coat, what kind of dry cleaning will. get it clean?

You need to take the coat to a professional dry cleaner and let them handle this. It might cost 20-30 bucks

Are Clorox wipes better than Lysol wipes when there is a baby around?

I don’t know which one to use around a baby but I’ve always relied on Clorox for all my disinfecting, my husband recommended it and he’s in the meat industry…….

can i use lysol wipes to clean my ipod touch?

I use them on my iPhone and they havent seemed to do any damage, you should be ok.

Is it safe to use Lysol wipes to clean my hamsters cage?

No you do not want to use and chemical based cleaner is used soap and hot is all the way off on a hamsters cage. The best thing to do water. Plus make sure the soap before putting the hamster back in the cage. Reference: Vet tech

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