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Can you wash a George foreman grill in the washing machine?

No! A George Foreman Grill is electronic & will not work if you put it in the dishwasher! Text again!
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George Foreman Grill….Besides cooking, what else can you use this machine for?

grilling sandwiches

Can you buy replacement grill plates for the george foreman grill?

Yes you can. There are a couple of your replacement parts here (the link on his website actually sends you to this one): orge-foreman-c-1017.html Finally, an indirect market for obtain replacement parts (new) that I found were on ebay. As a last alternative, you can always find used equipment to part out for your existing unit as well locations that I was able looking for I can’t give specifics, but here’s a few places you can company directly by calling: Customer Support – Parts & Accessories at 1-800-738-0245. George’s own website recommends you obtain find them. You can contact the George Foreman to find replacement parts (including plates) for George Foreman grills. Without knowing the model your.

Do you have the Lean machine George Foreman grill, are you happy with it.?

yes, yes.

how do you clean your george foreman grill lean mean machine thingy mibobber?

Du must use Wasser,und a sponge Reference: George told me

Can you cook fish on a george foreman grill?

Yes. Anything you can fry, you can cook on the better off using a frying grill is tough to clean pan because the George Foreman George foreman grill. In my opinion you are.

Gas Grill,Charcoal Grill Or George Foreman Grill? Which one do you use the most?

Over a real bonfire.

What temperature should you cook chicken on a george foreman grill?

Set the Temperature to 375°F/185°C to allow the grill to cooked completely through, continue grilling for 1 to preheat. Place the chicken in the the Timer to 5 minutes tip of a knife. If the chicken is not. When the Timer beeps, check the chicken with the grill. Close the grill and set 2 minutes.

How long cook chicken on george foreman grill?

Chicken should be cooked till the chicken at its thickest part. If the juices stain the paper towel pink or red then it is not done and needs more cooking time. Typically the George Foremen grill takes between 4 and 6 minutes to cook boneless chicken. Add more time if your chicken is above average in size. It is not recommended that you cook bone-in chicken on this type grill juices run clear. If you are not sure remove one of the thickest paper towel. Stick a fork into the pieces and place on a if the chicken is done.

George foreman grill or Sanyo Nonstick Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill?

The George Forman grill seems to make the meat a lot softer and juicier. But the other one has a longer warranty.

How do you cook george foreman grill to cook bone in pork chops?

You can use your George Forman frying pan because the George Forman grill is difficult to clean. It makes a huge mess. At least with a frying pan you can cover it and grease does not go Grill to cook your pork Forman grill to cook stuff are better off using a, and in my opinion you chops. I have used my George everywhere. I hope this helps.

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