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Can you wash clothes with dawn dish detergent?

Yes. Dawn dish liquid can be the first quick treatment for stains on fabric. Allow the liquid to penetrate but not to dry on the fabric.
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What are some facts about dawn dish detergent?

It is the original de-greaser. It is used to help soap or shampoo in salt, and can be used as clean wildlife after oil spills water.

Dawn dish detergent?

yes, it would fade the black and make it turn grayish, not brown. sorry ]: Reference: answer mine? qid=20080620202658AAuMhag&pa=FYd1D2bwHTH zJb5mFeIzQDbhdZSU_8ZNjXBCgg9NCIfcKw–&pa id=asked&msgr_status=

Can you WASH your clothes in the dish washer?

No , it doesnt have the agitation , so you will end up with wet soapy clothes cycle, or spin a washer does.

My dish cloth stinks in less than a week. Why? I wash it with bleach + I use anti-bacterial dish detergent.?

I use a fresh dish cloth every day. Mine never stinks. I also go through a. I keep a plastic tub and throw them in there lot of kitchen towels daily on top of my washer. I wash them every few days.

What do you find is BEST liquid dish washing detergent! and clothes detergent?

Tide for clothes and Antibacterial dawn

How do you wash dishes by hand? Do you wash a dish and rinse a dish, or wash a bunch and rinse?

I wash the dish and rinse it right a way more than likely I am wasting water. I never thought to do it any other way.Take care ~Lisa~

To wash a mixture of rather clothes is it best to dirty bed sheets, pillow cases, pyjamas, shirts, underpants and other assorted male boil wash or warm wash?

The best thing to do is clothes can shrink); add a little bleach if the whites are really dirty. Wash sheets and towels on hot. The rest of your clothes to sort your laundry into, type of fabric and how pay for the machines), but you’ll get better results. Whites—underwear and socks, etc.—should be washed in warm or different loads according to color dirty they are. This is more work (and money if you have to hot water (I don’t like to use hot because—colored shirts, socks, jeans, pj’s—can be washed on warm.

Does anyone else think they changed Dawn dish detergent?

I bet Dawn used to be made in the USA then moved production to Mexico. Read the labels closely. Many iconic American brands are not even produced in the US anymore.

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