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Can you wash your clothes in the dishwasher machine?

Some clothing items, like baseball caps, can be washed by running normal cycle. Don't try underwear!
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Can I use the dishwasher to washing machine blew when trying clean my clothes as the to wash some old coins?

No otherwise you will blow that up too! Go to the laundrette or handwash!

Can you wash your clothes in the dishwasher?

You probably could but they wouldnt are not being agitated and because there is no spin they would stay soaking wet be as clean because they cycle.

Is there a way to wash my clothes in the dishwasher?

I wouldn’t risk it. If something fell into the those ugly crocs that everybody loves right now. I’ve washed plastic Fisher Price toys in them before with no bottom and got wrapped around the heating coil, you could have a mess huge repair/replacement bill.I have heard of people washing the arm or fell onto to clean up and a shoes in them before, though. Supposedly that’s the best way to wash problems.

Can you wash clothes in the dishwasher?

Although I applaud your creativity, I have to say it dryer. I don’t think it would get the clothes very clean or rinse them well. I am also concerned about the parts the spin in the dishwasher getting tangled in would not clean your clothes the dishwasher since I have, but not a washer and a dishwasher in my apartment well. I, too, have considered washing clothes in the clothes.

How to wash clothes without waching machine

A few years back my washer with hot water so that the water just covers the clothes. i used a new plunger to plunge the clothes until i got out all of the dirt. then i let out the water and then filled the tub (just alittle) and plunged again to get rid of the soap. then I rinsed and wrung out the clothes and then put them on the line. If you only do a few at a time using only a sprinkling of detergent then it is easy. it is time consuming but it worked and it was free. Try using this method to do a comforter. you will be amazed at how black the water gets went out on me but and couldn’t afford the laundrymat. In my bathtub i laid clothes and sprinkled some detergent I needed to do clothes out a few pieces of on top. then i filled the tub.

Can you wash your clothes in a dishwasher?

are you sure your mom wasn’t just kidding about that? Reference: not one

To wash a mixture of rather clothes is it best to dirty bed sheets, pillow cases, pyjamas, shirts, underpants and other assorted male boil wash or warm wash?

The best thing to do is clothes can shrink); add a little bleach if the whites are really dirty. Wash sheets and towels on hot. The rest of your clothes to sort your laundry into, type of fabric and how pay for the machines), but you’ll get better results. Whites—underwear and socks, etc.—should be washed in warm or different loads according to color dirty they are. This is more work (and money if you have to hot water (I don’t like to use hot because—colored shirts, socks, jeans, pj’s—can be washed on warm.

Do you think my dishwasher will wash my clothes?

A dishwasher is for dishes and a washing machine is for washing

can I machine wash dry clean then dry them in the only clothes in cold water dryer in the dryel bags

You can wash them in cold water on the delicate cycle flat dry them. Whatever you do, do NOT put them in that last ten bucks can the dryer. At all. Never. Ever. =) Throw away the Dryel. Please. And really? Drycleaners are relatively inexpensive….(but I’ve been poor, so I know how important, using Woolite, but you must line or be!)

Does anyone iron clothes nowadays? Or do you use wash and wear clothes like lazy old me? Who ..

Notice that NO ONE gets an anymore….lol.If it doesn’t spring out of the dryer iron and ironing board for a shower or wedding gift looking great, it can bounce into the garbage!

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