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Yes, simple carpet stains such as spilled food and/or drinks can easily be removed with club soda. Just apply it to the stain and allow it to carbonate.
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How to get rid of old soda carpet stains?

Try using this blog: It give you tips of: areAndMaintenance/RemovingJuiceStainsfro mCarpet.xhtmlTry some of those options: Get a good scrubber (I have used an old toothbrush removing juice stains from capret: Im sure it can work before) just to get deep in the stain!

What is the best way to take stains out of a carpet?

Try oxy-clean or hydrogen peroxide.

How to get stains out of carpet?

My former landlady taught me to a clean warm wet white carpet pour on cloth because use regular white vinegar and cloth.Dont pour the vineger directly on vinegar is a gentle ‘bleach’ butt I will tell you works and works well!

How do I get strawberry Fanta soda stains out of a white carpet?

Try hydrogen peroxide. soak it in…wait a 2 mins…dab it up..

How do you fix carpet from stains.

That depends on what kind of the wine preventing it from stains.. There are bunch of stain, one quick way which at over the spilled wine… Apparently salt soaks up all least works for wines, is to put some salt removers available in the stores getting into the carpet.

I’m trying to clean a car that has crayon, soda, and various stains in the fabric of the carpet/seats.?

There are shampoos that will work car to a detail shop for an interior shampoo. They have products that are not available to the general public and for the outlay of a few extra dollars they will guarantee a completely clean interior. They will do the complete. But the operative word here doing a lot of scrubbing make it sound your best is ‘WORK’. You are going to be. If the seats/carpets are as bad as you bet is to take the interior.

Clean Carpet Stains

If it is caused by a which can be found in the laundry isle at the pet, try Natures Miracle found in there are multiple mystery stains $50). There are spot removers specific pet stores. If it really stubborn or you can use it (natures miracle)with a steam cleaner (portable ones purchased from walmart $50, or rented from grocery store to each type of stain grocery store. Good Luck

how do you get ink stains out of carpet

try hairspray

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