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Do moth balls keep mice away

Yes, mothballs do repel mice, but there are better ways to do that, such as peppermint oil or traps.
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Will moth balls have an effect om mice or rats, if i put moth balls in my rolled carpet?

Yes. Moth balls will get rid of all the mice and. The mice/rats will usually lick or even their insides to become full rat problems you may have eat the moth balls causing of toxins. This will eventually kill the mice/rats. Hope It Helps, Cody

Do moth balls control mice?

Moth balls will deter mice but great idea when kids or pets are in the mix. Tha being said, we have peppered the attic and crawlspace with a few boxes of mothballs because both spaces are locked. We also use peppermint oil as a more fragrant means of keeping Pixie and Dixie out of the cabinets and the use of ball moths. Besides the odor being really them all over is a bad, they are toxic so putting is illegal for that purpose pantry.

When it comes to keeping mice out of drawers and closets, which works better, cedar balls or moth balls?

i used cedar balls and it, try putting steel wool or crumpled up tinfoil in them seemed to work plus they use dryer sheets but all up.if you have found holes that smell better. i was also told to they did was chew them they are getting in through.

does moth balls keep mice out of a closet?

Moth balls are toxic, use a glue trap. More information at

Is there a common household ingredient to repel mice, like moth balls or ammonia?

Borrow a cat

What are moth balls used for?

To control and prevent moths from eating their clothes.. Today it’s primarily used as a closet/chest deoderant as the clothes made today just doesn’t entice moths.

What is in moth balls?

Mothballs contain napthalene which is an from coal tar or 1 aromatic white crystalline solid derived,4-dichlorobenzene.

do moth balls repel mice?

Yes! They Do! My great grandmother used it her attic when she heard for as long as I could remember.And my mom used them in a few scurrying around at the beginning of winter. It worked!

Where are the Navy Ships that are in moth balls?

Beaumont Reserve Fleet Beaumont, TXSuisun Bay Reserve Fleet Benicia, CAJames River Reserve Fleet Ft. Eustis, VA

Will moth balls help get rid of mice?

i put them around the outside of the house for bugs..

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