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Does bleach work better in hot water or cold in the washer

Bleach works best with water. Never soak any clothing in bleach for more than 15 minutes or it will start to disintegrate
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When my washer machine is on cold, hot water comes out & sometimes when its on hot, cold comes out?

Call the Maytag man!

When soaking objects in bleach water to kill germs, is it best to use hot water or cold water?

I like hot and soapy as well. Don’t forget doorknobs!

Can I hookup cold water to a washer (washing machine) that has one hook up (hot water) only?

Yes, you just won’t get any hot water for washing.

Why is the cold water in my washer trickling when the hot water has good pressure?

Turn off the cold water valve the washer. Look for the screen either on the washer connection. These get clogged. It may also be a and disconnect the hose at in the hose end or faulty inlet valve on the washer and need replaced.

Why doesn’t our cold water work, even though the hot water works fine?

Check to see if there’s a valve on it. It may have been turned off. Only thing I can think of.

We have a huge argument at work. Coffee made from hot/cold is better than cold/hot? Which?

coffee manufacturers recommend Cold it’s on the labels and directions.

Do I NEED both hot and cold water connections in a washer/dryer?

sure just make sure your dial is set to cold and a end cap and screw inlet of your washer so to play it safe buy it on the hot water you dont have any leakage coming from there. Reference: 16yrs pro maint.

Why does hot water freeze faster than cold cold water?

The cause is not entirely clear. It is possible that, since gas dissolves more quickly able to conduct heat. Another theory is that convection make hot water easier to currents in hot water may in colder water, colder water may be better freeze.

when put a shirt in the washer machine how do you get it 2 strink hot or cold water?

Hot water will shrink your shirt if it is made from certain material. Cotton will shrink.

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