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Does bologna (or salami) really cause the paint on cars to come off?

No. The oil & salts in bologna/salami can glaze the clear coat & make the paint appear discolored, but the discoloration can be removed with a clay bar.
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Whats the best bologna that you have eaten and you buy Ky border Bologna a local all the time i eat bologna that’s the best in the world to me.

When I used to work at ago, they had a deli and have ever ate. It sold loke crazy so Dairy Mart about 10 years sold the BEST bologna I apparently many people liked it!

Does bologna really tear off paint from cars?


See paint colors on cars

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whats healthier.. salami, pepperoni or bologna?

It would depend on the way they are produced and what) as well as the carb free the production methods can is put in them. Look for low sodium, low fat options (information should be on the label/cholesterol counts. Although most meat is carb add carbs. In addition, try to look for those that are low cholesterol.

grapefruit diet: can i substitute bologna or salami for the bacon in the morning?

Don’t take any diet supplement pills, doing abdominal exercises and jump-roping. I actually have lost 11 pounds in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Make sure that you are around the equipment because you will think about exercising more often. Oh and one more thing, include your favorite music with your workout routine, it will give you the confidence to keep on going or try any strange diets/2 weeks ago. I started cutting down on dinner (you can include some meat in (Cabbage Soup Diet, Grapefruit Diet, Hollywood Diet, etc). They’re stupid and cost money.I started dieting around 2 1 portions and eating salads for this salad if that’s what you enjoy). I also started lifting waits!

Do You Like A Club Sandwich With Cheese, Ham, Turkey, Salami, Bologna, Lettuce, Tomato,Onions and Pickles?

My favourite sandwich consists of swiss cheese, ham or smoked turkey breast, sliced tomato, green peppers, lettuce, salt and pepper, a little bit of Mayo and honey mustard between 2 slices of Rye. Mmmmmm.

Why do Subway restaurants in Canada not use Turkey Ham, Turkey Bologna, Turkey Salami on the Cold Cut Combo?

I don’t know. But in Canada Subway also should all have the same doesn’t have provolone cheese ! And the subs are more expensive than in America. I don’t understand why. I think fast food chains prices and the same menu.

How do you clean up dripping touch-up paint on cars?

If it’s not completely dry try to remove it with thinner. If it’s already dry you can get it off with that. Be careful with the rubbing you can damage the paint some rubbing compound and rub compound. If you get to enthusiastic underneath. You will need to use some elbow grease though.

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