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Does e-6000 glue dry clear?

Yes. E600 is a clear drying, flexible epoxy that works well on wood, metal, glass, ceramics, rubber, vinyl, leather and (most) plastic.
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what is the best glue to to sandles that will stay use to glue on crafts on and dry clear and fast ?

Get a hot glue gun and some craft glue sticks. You can find one at a craft store (like Hobby Lobby) or at KMart. They’re very inexpensive, usually under $10.

Does glue dry clear on clear plastic wrap?

not tottaly clear kinda milky

will glue make white tissue paper dry clear over decoupage?


What compound is in Krazy glue to make it dry faster than Gorilla Glue and Elmer’s Wood Glue?

You are asking 2 different questions, but it may not hold well if the glued parts are submerged in water. Gorilla glue takes longer to dry but may hold up- Krazy Glue has a different other 2 products. The cure time and adhesive different desireable properties, depending on the application. You may want to have chemical make up than the stregnth of glues are two something stick fast, so use the crazy glue better under water. Hope this helps… Reference:

How waterproof is (or isn’t) Super Glue or Krazy Glue? If you glue something with it dry and then submerse it?

I’m not sure if you mean same cup in the microwave keep it underwater permanently or handle onto my coffee cup dozen washes (full dishwasher cycle), and it’s still solidly glued. I also heat my water just to wash, but I super glued a, and it’s been through at least a for instant coffee in the, and it’s still solid.

Adhesive for metal leg and glass table top? Needs high strength, and to dry clear. Super glue failed.?

Glass, being nonporous is tough to glass as to how long it will last. The more you can increase get anything to stick to clear silicone adhesive, but even this will pull much surface area the leg. Your best bet is a away. It will depend on how has to stick to the this the better.

How do you get glue to dry faster?

Fan it.

I want to glue metal to glass like that used in furniture which is a clear super strong bond, what glue is it?

it’s the same stuff used to glue the rear view mirror to your windshield.

Why doesn’t the glue in the bottle dry up?

Glue dries when the moisture (often water) in the glue evaporates. When glue is in a out and get hard. Some glues (carpenter’s glue for example) are very good at retaining moisture and remaining in liquid form even with the lid off; however, given enough time, they too will dry out.Since I’m here anyway, here’s a great Crazy Glue tip for you. Crazy Glue relies on moisture in the air to do its magic. Without OUTSIDE moisture, the glue will not work. Normally there is enough moisture in the air to do the trick, but occassionally it can be difficult to stick items together, such as with porous surfaces, for example, a cup handle. To get Crazy Glue to do a better job in cases like that, moisten the surfaces of the item to be glued slightly, in this scenario, the broken ends of the handle and where it attaches to the cup. They only need to be moistened slightly, they shouldn’t be soaked. Now, apply the Crazy Glue like normal and you will find that it sticks, well, like glue. :~) Hope my answer has helped bottle with the lid on therefore the glue stays in and left off, the glue will eventually dry a liquid form. If the cap is removed, the moisture cannot evaporate and.

What product can I use to remove dry glue that was used to reface cabinets?

Glue remover.

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