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Does food stamps cover diapers

Food stamps can not be used to purchase non food items such as toilet paper, diaper and toothpaste.
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how come your cant buy diapers on food stamps?

Umm……..because they are not food!

Hello, me and my fiancee live in Provo UT and She Medicaid. If we get married will gets EBT food stamps and she loose all her food stamps and medicaid benefits?

Her food stamps will be recalculated depending on the total income combined income. If she receives Medicaid because of to a disability, this is a different program of your household. So it depends on your low income, the same is true. However, if she receives Medicaid due, and she might be able to continue receiving it.

Should you be allowed to buy diapers with food stamps?

I’m not a fan of government mandated charity, because that’s all that food stamps really are.

How can a fish market accept food stamps so customers can use their food stamps to buy fish?

They would just have to file procedure for fish markets, vegetable markets, or any other specialty store with the state, so they can turn in reimbursed. The procedure would be the, and I’m not aware of any special same for any food store the food stamps to be.

Food stamps/EBT cards, can I buy diapers for my baby?

Not supposed to be able to. Was this a smaller store? All of the major stores registers automatically separate non eligible items.

Both parents are on food stamps still pay child support if both are on food stamps….getting divorced and ending with joint no child support does the custody …if they make an agreement for Child Enforecement Services make one?

Absolutely.Neither parent has the right to have to pay some support and the stste will inetercept teh amount of benefit and deduct that from the child support payment. If your state does have ‘turnip parent’ exemption ( a parent that is impoverished due to disability or some other reason why they cannot work) then the inetercept may be waived by the state, If aparent is voluntarily underemployed or unemployed most states have a mandatory job seeking program, which can apply to both parents. without know the reasoin of the poverty, I cannot provide any specific sign away the rights of is vested in the child not the parent. Since you are receiving benefits, after the detrimiantion of primary the child, the irght ot child support and belongs to the chilod ( residentail custody) and the income computation, the non custodial parent will information

Does bjs wholesale bulk food stores except ebt food stamps?

Yes they do i just came from there today an racked up on the goodies… :)

what kind of prepared food does food stamps not cover?

canned foods

prices in 2006 in idaho of milk, diapers, movietickets, gas, bread, stamps,

A lot less than the 2007 prices! Future looks very weary!

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