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does it help to clean a window with newspaper?

Yes, newspaper works well for no streaks. It works best if you also use vinegar & water to clean the windows!.
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Can you clean window with newspaper

Vinegar and newspapers clean windows as good if not better than some window cleaners on the market.


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how can I clean my Mac notebook like Window PC? For window, one can use software like easy clean! for mac?

Hi,There are several applications out there. I can recommend you CleanMyMac – it has cleaned several Gbs for me.You can check it at Reference:

How do you clean pleated window blinds?

If you’re referring to cloth or fabric spots, you can try cleaning the spots with a spray upholstery cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto a clean rag or soft toothbrush, not directly onto the shade. Be very gentle with the rag or toothbrush. As always, first test the cleaner in a hidden area. Cleaners can discolor the shade, leave a water mark, or leave a gloriously clean spot that doesn’t match the rest of the shade. (LOL!). Dry by placing one hand behind the shade, then blot dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. it is important to try to not disturb the pleats, or get them wet, if possible. If they are REALLY dirty, I wouldn’t attempt to clean them yourself. There are professional dry cleaners that handle blinds, shades, and drapes. Your local dry cleaner may be able to refer you. If not, a company that does cleans up after fire & water damage, (called ‘restoration’), may be able to give you a name or two pleated shades, vacuuming often with a soft way to keep them clean, not vertical. If you have only a few. Vacuum in a horizontal direction bristle attachment is the best. Good luck!

had my rear window replaced two weeks ago and today I went to clean the window and it exploded WHY?

Could be heat. I watched my Chrysler minivan much of a dick you feel like being that day window literally explode while I someone off. 100 degree heat that day likely still under warranty, whether they charge you for was at the airport dropping.As for the company, the product is more than labor again depends on how.


With Windex or Sparkle.

Tried to clean window with “CLR” and windex.This window was in front of aluminum screen.?

No I have not . try washing the window again, Soak the news paper in , with warm water , vinegar and news paper. wear gloves so the dye from the news`paper wonAs´t stain your handAs´s. This might help you out the water . squeeze some water out and wipe.No streaks

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