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Does polyester shrink if you wash and dry it?

Yes, but 100% Polyester is very hard to shrink because of its fiber content. It can shrink under the highest washing temperature and highest heat on your dryer.
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Can I wash a dry-clean only coat with shell of 60% wool 20% rayon & 20% polyester with lining 100% polyester?

No, I wouldn’t risk it. It’s likely that the wool content will thicken and the coat would shrink. Very sorry, but I don’t know what to suggest if dry cleaning doesn’t work. :(

What Will happen if I wash a 100% Polyester lining dress that says do not wash, do not dry clean professional?

100% polyester? That should be no prob at all. You can wash it in warm water On a gentle cycle

If you wash a 100% polyester track jacket in hot water, will it shrink much?

It won’t shrink at all.

Would a jacket that’s 100% cotton exterior, and polyester lining shrink when I wash it on a higher temp?

yes, your best bet is to wash cold and hang dry or tumble dry

Does polyester shrink?

Yes , especally in the dryer , should be hung to dry

Can you wash dry clean only polyester succesfully?

yeah wash on cold gentle with gentle soap. and dont dry it will be fine. i never dry clean anything too expennsive!

Does polyester shrink in the dryer?

No – polyester is man-made, not natural – so it will not shrink.

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