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how can i get 500 horsepower out of my chevy 350 ci engine

To achieve 500 bhp without nitrous oxide injection, the cam/heads & induction will have to be bigger still & compression of at least 10.5:1 should be targeted.
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STOCK CHEVY 350 4 BOLT MAINS LOW ENGINE WEAR, What’s the best way to get more horsepower out of it about 500

supercharge it

How much horsepower does a 1973 Chevy 350 engine have?

The dual carb set up on your horsepower as dumping to much gas. You will need a nice a stock 350 is way 250 to 275 horse. A 600 carb is actually a stock 350. So the dual carb set over carburated. The motor stock was probably on the big size for up is actually probably lowering cam, roller rockers, big valve heads, headers and still won’t need a dual carb.

How many horsepower is a 1980 350 chevy motor?

Not much i would say, 195-200hp

I have a 350 olds rocket 4 barrel in a diesel chevy pickup how many horsepower could i be getting

oh probably 40-50

what is the horsepower for a 1987 chevy blazer with a 350 ci engine?

195 horsepower, 295 ft lbs of torque assuming it is an L05 which it should be. It is fuel injected, right?

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