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How can i get an oil stain off a convertible top?

Use 303 Convertible Top Cleaner, it allows you to easily clean dirt, oil, grease, and dust from your vinyl or fabric convertible top.
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my daughter has a 1999 convertible Sebring. How do you oil convertible top.?

Open the top, there are hinges on the left and right sides. Spray lithium grease at the pivots. If the top has to be manually closed, then the switch is faulty.

Where is the convertible top motor located in a 1997 chrysler sebring convertible?

The motor is located in behind the rear passenger speaker panel remove panel. be careful not to diturb end up drenched in tranny the pistons because you will. you must remove seat to fluid!

How do you replace a 98 convertible top?

Replacing the convertable top is not are very astute on detail doing the job it is. If one is capable of a diy job unless you simple remove and replace.

does bmw make a 325ci manual convertible top. meaning you open the convertible top with your hands?

I am positive that at least from 2000 to 2003, there were some that had manual tops. Reference: etk

Do you need to change or add oil to a convertible top motor?

well you need to pour oils all over the seats of the car so its absorbs it.

Can you convert a soft top convertible to a hard top convertible? If so about how much money would it cost?

Several thousand dollars Reference: collision center manager

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