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How can i get melted wax off a brick patio without staining it.

Place brown paper bag or absorbent paper over wax. Use hot iron to press on paper. Once melted onto paper, scrub patio with brush.
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How do you remove melted candle wax from a brick patio floor? I have tried cleaners and ice cubes. No luck.?

hold a blowtorch to it and quickly remove the flame and seep up liquified wax with a rag

How can I remove melted balloons from my brick patio?

get some brown paper and put balloons then put something on balloons, they will then stick to it on top of the this that will melt the the paper and be removed from the patio.

Which do you recommend a wooden deck, concrete patio, or brick patio?

I like brick pavers.

how to remove melted wax from a sofa?

This site recommends Butcher paper or fabric of your sofa. newspaper ink could stain the brown paper bag. I can see where the

How do I get melted candle wax off the carpet?

Put some ice in a zip over the wax. After a few minutes you up the wax with your lock bag and place it should be able to break hands. Repeat as often as necessary.

I want to do a brick patio and I notice Wal-Mart sells brick pavers for much cheaper then Home Depot?

No, Wal-Mart sells everything cheaper but it is still good quality.I am not sure which stones you are looking at but I have bought a lot from Wal-Mart with good results.

Brick patio sqaure ft

Just multiply the two dimensions together. Thus this patio would be 150 square feet

How do I remove bikini wax that melted down in my micro. It’s limited to a textured glass tray

Pour ice cold water on it and let it set. It will pop off in a bit. This works for your glass bota too.

At a party someone splashed hot melted candle wax on my new suit accidentally. How can I get the wax off my?

The dry cleaners will know exactly it. Since your suit is new to me not to mess what to do to fix that would be most important around doing the wrong thing.

Weeds grow in the cracks of my brick patio. How can I nuke them for good, without killing the tree?

I’d burn ‘em with a special weed torch. See

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