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how can you open a jar that wont open ?

Run the lid (not the jar) under hot water for a minute, causing the metal lid to expand so it comes off easily.
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Hello I am from Canadian, When i Internet, i execute files with .jar but the Jar wont open?

I think you’re lying about being from Canadian.

my computer wont allow me to open limewire i install it however it still wont open what should i do

we have this same problem, we restart the computer.

97 Plymouth Voyager Drivers Side Slidding Door wont open. Manual says it wont open with filler cap open but..?

The problem may be the latch rods and cables behind it rod or cable for the. To check it yourself you sliding door interior panel and lock may have come off will need to remove the take a look at the. Good Luck. Reference: Chrysler tech 10 + years

outlook wont open says it cant open my default mail folders why?

are you running any beta or trial versions of any software on that computer?

i have a jar format game in my computer.but i cant open.which free software can open jar format games?

you need java to run that.Jar stands for Java Archive

my samsung s3500 is not able to open .jar files?? can anyone plz tell me how do i open and install .jar files?

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