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How can you take scratches off cds with household items?

Use banana. Take a ripe banana, peel it, and break off a small piece from the fleshy part. Hold the CD with the scratched surface facing upwards on one...MORE?
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What household items can be used to fix scratches on a CD?

My partner managed to repair a on a piece of kitchen towel to absorb the water. This also gets rid of any of the static. Next he used a small amount of Brasso which I keep for cleaning candlesticks etc. He applied some onto a clean cloth and gently rubbed over the scratch several times in a straight line. It did the trick and now my CD plays without CD that I had which it. What he did was to tap and leave to dry run the CD under the kept sticking when I played sticking.

Removing iPod touh scratches with household items?

you could always try turtle wax rubbing compound (to way your car, if you dont have any its fairly cheap, like maybe 6-7 bucks) but its possible even that wont work. the touch’s screen is real glass, so scratches (depending on the depth) are pretty permanent. best of luck

best way to polish out scratches on dvd (household products)

om3ga did a lot of household around the whole disc. I then dribbled water on to loosen it up so I could rub the excess off.’( experiments and ended up with same way as the toothpaste to one area, it ended up evenly spread, except I didn’t dribble water on it. I rubbed it first. Even though I applied it a pretty accessible tool. Hair Gel.’Yes, hair gel, and guess what… It worked!I applied it in much the)

what would be the best thing to do too remove scratches from cds with house hold items?

Try toothpaste.Don’t use the stuff with the little breath strips or exploding beads.Just toothpaste.Rub in on (about the same amount you’d brush your teeth with) and wash it off.Easy Enough.

What household items can get you high?

A household ladder

how do you clean cds? preferably with household items.?

Believe it or not, a soft cloth with warm soapy water actually works really well.

How much does the average american household spend on groceries, clothing, & household items yearly?

I am married and have four young children. Monthly we spend an average year that we spend more we spend roughly $1,500 total each time for everyone of $1,000 on groceries, roughly $300 on clothing, and $250 on household items, including diapers. There are four times a on clothing, and during those four times’s clothes. Hope that helps some of your research!

What is the import duty in Jamaica for household furniture, household electrical items like fridge & cooker?

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