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How can youu shrink your shoes an entire shoe size

How To Shrink Shoes: Get your shoes wet. You can do this with a spray bottle, a hose or a sink. Dry them with a hair dryer afterward.
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Wen Youu Love Dis Boy N To Wat Shuld I Do He Says He Loves Youu Youu Want To Brake Up Back But Youu Feel That But Den Youu Dnt Want?!?!

Is there any way to put your quesion into proper english composition?

What size shoe do you wear? Has the size of your shoes changed since you’ve been an adult?

When I turned 13yrs old in all…maybe a little wider if anything High School I wore a 34yrs later I still wear has not changed much at a size 13 shoe. So no my shoe size size 13 shoe and now.

What would a mans shoe size 8 be in womans shoes?

This is the conversion: if you are a women trying to get a man’s shoe… subtract 2 from you foot 6 if you are a man trying size ex: a 10 would be a to get a woman’s shoe… add 2 to your foot size ex: an 8 would be a 12

Will a 10.5 shoe size for Indoor soccer shoes fit a size 10 normal shoes?

they are usually smaller than usual because the player needs it to be tight so they can feel the ball and have better control.

If I wear a size 12 WWi in a woman’s shoe, what shoe size does that equate to in a men’s shoe?

10 1/2 you go down a size and a half… I am sure you know by know since this post was over 2 years ago

how do i calculate my shoe size if i’m going to buy a pair of shoes online?

First take a ruler. Measure your foot then convert it online. Like on google say how many inch’s is size 6.5 shoes in women.

If you wear a size 6 womens shoe what size girls shoes would you wear?

TRY SIZE 4.5 — here is why …. I came across the following webpage wrong … ueadded/ProductGuides/Shoes_MeasuringTip s.htm — The WOMEN’S conversion chart tells us that if you wear a size 6 then your foot probably measure about 9′ (from back of heel to the tip of your longest toe) – OK, so then if we look at the big kids chart for a measurement of 9′ we find the corresponding size a while ago – and thought it was pretty what size shoes my children me if I read it should be wearing – check it out and tell interesting way of figureing out should be 4.5!

Is a youth size 6 shoe equal to a womens size 7 shoe?

No. Its closer to a womens size 5 shoe.

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