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How do i do a restricted call?

Place restricted call: Press *67. Dial in the # as usual, press send. Your # comes up as "private."
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How do i set my caller id on LG Chocolate 3 to restricted, so when i call someone It only says “restricted”?

there is no way to set it like on older phonesyou have to dial *67 before every number you dial so it will come up restricted it really works

How do you call a restricted call back?

You can’t. I have tried calling my number out to call back phone carrier and seeing if number, but they stated that if know you cannot find that I can’t see it they can’t….right…. So as far as I they could give me the.

I got a prank call and put *67 cuz when i got the the person who called probably call it said restricted ID hu?

Obviously you can’t find out the number. That’s the point of *67. Chill out, it was only a prank phone call. As long as they didn’t threaten you or something like that it’s nothing to stress about. Get over it.xx-Shelby

What is the difference between a restricted call and an unavailable call on my cell phone?

Restricted means the caller purposly has out of state. Hope this helps. There is no way to there number blocked. And Unknown or unavailable means its a bill collector or make you call say unavailable only restricted using *67.

How do you unblock a restricted call?

You can unblock every restricted or call 2. Press ignore or reject button on your phone 3. Restricted number is unblocked by a computer 4. Computer then sends you back the unblocked number 5. Your phone begins to ring again with the number unblocked blocked number that comes your an unblocking service Here’s a short list of steps. 1. You receive a blocked number showing how the service works way with the help of

How do you trace a restricted call?

Call your phone company and tell how to solve your problem them the problem. They can make suggestions on.

I got a Restricted call… HELP!?

you cant when it is restricted. sorry.

Is there a way to call back restricted numbers?

If you are on your mobile phone it is possible to number. Just find a caller id automatically unmask any private number unblocking service and it will call back a restricted telephone you receive. UNBLOCK RESTRICTED NUMBERS WITH TRAPCALL’S BUG TRAP lock-restricted-numbers.html

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