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how do i get gum off of my sunglass lenses?

Soak a cotton in a not so warm water and rub it against the glass surface where the gum is.
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My sunglass lenses are chipped.. (KL 3131) Can it be repaired..?? If not.. What choice do I have..??

You didn’t mention what type they are.

Can I replace my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglass lenses with prescription lenses?

Yes. Why not?Better consult an eye surgeon for if you select the wrong lenses you tend to develop headache and other complications. Reference: Experience

DSLR Lenses.. I want to buy a Nikon D90.. Is it possible to put other brand lenses on it..??

Yes, there are a few companies cameras. One of the main ones. Just make sure it has I would recommend is Tamron that make lenses for different the Nikon mount.

Can you clean Sunglass lenses with Windex?

I don’t think windex…. maybe water and a cloth or something? Maybe go on to a website that has the type of stuff you would need to clean the glasses.

Why do fishermen wear amber lenses as opposed to green lenses?

Amber lenses are effective at filtering color in the water,making it easier to see fish like bass.

How can I get scratches off my Oakley sunglass lenses?

I’ve been wearing glasses for years, and once a scratch, always a scratch. Buy a new pair

Survey ? What’s your favourite Colour for Sunglass Lenses ?

Brown, Black or Burgundy tint.

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