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How do u fold down the back seat in a pontiac grand am?

Open your trunk, pull the straps hanging down it will click then you can pull the seat down.
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How do you fold down the back seat of a Toyota Corolla 2005 LE?

Valet Trunk-Locking System A locking system with two different a valet with a key that operates the ignition, but does not unlock the storage compartments. On cars with folding seatbacks, this locking system also includes special seat latches to help keep the contents of the keys. One key can only open ignition. The second key opens all box and trunk or rear the doors and operate the locks, including those for the glove hatch, and operates the ignition. The purpose is to provide trunk or hatch secure. Chandrashekhar Kulkarni

Specifically and step by step how do i fold the back seat down in my 2002 pontiac grand am?

open the trunk. Near the top of the speaker shelf are 2 black straps. Pull on the corresponding strap to release whichever side you want released.

How do Install a pontiac 400 moter into a 1982 pontiac grand prix?

If you’ve never changed a motor, I’d say get some friends that know how, or you’ll get hurt or ruin the car. Sounds like you haven’t.

How to remove upholstery on car seat back to repair broken support in seat back?

Hi Pat, I have done this once and then hook on the frame, depending on the car i am not sure if they on a 63 mercury comet over the frame and held bottom by a few s i had, but the upholstery was stretched to the frame at the-hooks that go thru the cover are different. hope this helps! Mark

02 pontiac back seat fold down?

Some fold, some don’t. The seat will be split for each portion of the and its part of the 40-60 if it’s foldable. It’s done though the trunk, there is a looped strap seat. Pull one of the straps seat will release and can be folded down.

My car cuts off while driving. most cases i can throw will start back up. What is up with my it in neutral and it car? it is a pontiac grand prix

It could be only in the fuel system or possibly a near you they will do free and you will know sensor. if you have a sears a diagnostic on it for exactly what is wrong with it.

Front bench seat with fold down console

Remove two bolts on each side the truck. Flip the seat over and of the seat and pull the entire seat out of remove the center center console.

How do i fold down my back seats in 01 pontiac grand am SE?

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