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How do u get a scratch off of a flat screen hdtv?

Mix a 50/50 solution (half Isopropyl Alcohol and half distilled water). Dip your Micro Fiber cloth into the solution and begin to gently rub the scratch...MORE?
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Flat screen HDTV vs. Flat panel HDTV?

its a completely different product.Flat Screen means that its still a CRT, but the front is flatFlat Panel means either LCD or Plasma

How do I fix a deep scratch on a Flat screen LCD TV with anti-glare?

Hey R_W….Sometimes the fix can cost more an national chain?? Did you contact them?? I found the link for Westinghouse Customer Service: in your information and they will get back to you within 24/48 hours…Your tags were great… but question could have been better detailed and I might then buying a new one is… is it still under warranty service contract?? Did you buy it from did you buy an extended!You don’t say how old the TV have been more helpful! Sorry!Happy QnA’ing!

LCD flat screen hdtv vs DLP hdtv?

LCD can’t process motion that well and pretty much in front of the screen or you don’t get a great picture. Plasma can burn images into the screen. For example, a video game logo or menu might burn into the screen. I have an LCD but wish I’d bought plasma, because I don’t play video games.In the best world, you’d play your games on a you get a lot of in Wedding Crashers . (They say only 10% of people can see this see it.)High end DLP doesn’t have nearly as much pixelation pixelation with high-speed action — even in the dance scenes, but everyone I know can but you have to sit DLP and the TV/Movies on a plasma. Good luck.

can anyone rate the Sceptre 37 flat panel hdtv flat screen?

it looks good… if your using hdmi for your connection then you need a hdmi compliant tv… which this one is

can someone tell me what does hdtv mean? and hdtv with hd tuner? thanks looking for a flat screen tv?

High Definition

My new flat screen tv has a scratch?

I would exchange it. You didn’t do it. It was probably something with the shipping or maybe an employee dropped it. yeah. i would return it. Reference: common sense


You might want to change your of your video card and something higher. This depends upon the capabilities display frequency from 60Hz to your monitor.

Can you repair a scratch on a flat screen t.v.?

buy a new tv

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