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How do u get ink off ur dryer tub

You can try nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol & scrub hard. Also try a Mr. Clean's MagicEraser.
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How do you get out ink (from a pen)from the inside of the dryer? (tub part of the dryer)?

rubbing alcohol on cotton pads and into the washer and dryer the pen so it got some elbow grease. Then badly damage whoever left!!!

How do you get ink-pen stains out of your dryer machine? Ink stain has been inside the dryer for about 1 week.

try using hair spray, cheaper hair spray like suave of the rag a little in a pump sprayer. just spray on a rag to saturate a small part repetition and elbow grease should do the trick

How do I remove an ink stain when an ink pen went through the dryer?

hair spray… any cheap brand will do… i’m assuming you mean from a tries, keep repeating before it goes boyfriend, probably the only good trick into the dryer again… learned this from an ex garment not the dryer… spray and let sit, then wash… this may take a few he knew!

How can I remove ink from a clothes dryer?

Here are some suggestions here: have the same problem. I will be trying these suggestions.

About my dryer. I got ink all over my dryer. I put bleach in towels and got the ink off.?

Let the dryer cool down. Clean up any spills and of the dryer when you clean out the lint trap the outside vent, clean that too.If the dryer continues to overheat a repair person to fix and vent (as much as you can). If you can get to, stop using it and call it.You will need the model number call for service.

what will clean ink from inside the drum of a dryer

I dont know about inside a dryer, but I know if you you get it real wet it off a hard surface and rub it usually takes spray hairspray on it till!

Ink removal:Looking for something that could remove ink from the dryer drum? the dryer?

Soak a cloth with hairspray and break up the ink and rub it on the ink stains.The alcohol in the hairspray will you can wipe it away.

The ‘tip toe’ drain in my tub is stuck, with tub full of water! How can I fix it?

drill small holes in the bath tub

bath tub drain in closed position, Waterput into tub slowly leaks out. Any help?

I have the same problem. Easy and free solution is to place a wash cloth over the drain while bathing.

I have a dryer that when start nothing happens and the you push the button for dryer tub does not turn around.?

It’s either the door switch or the push to start switch. Don’t know cost been out of appliance repair for 20 years.

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