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How do u get nats out of ur house, we have sprayed insect killer and and stoped leavin food out but they r still in the house?

Fill a bowl or container with vinegar. Cover it with cling wrap and poke small holes in the top. Set it in a place where you are noticing the gnats. Good luck!
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Have any parents heard about your highschool kids getting marijuana with Raid insect killer sprayed on it?

and it wouldnt smell like poison? ever smell raid?cmon

How do you get rid of nats flying around your house plants?

Let your plants dry out between very effective and safe. Just read and follow the waterings and do not leave room, there is a product you from chrysanthemum flowers that is can buy that is made them in standing water. If it is severe, in every plant in every directions on the label.

When I was eighteen my brother to pay because he stoped and I bought a house but im the cosigner he together its under his name stop paying will i have?

Im sorry he hasnt paid in quiet awhile.

If i just had my house sprayed for bugs yesterday and I’m cleaning my house today can i shampoo the carpet?

I don’t know for certain, but it stands to reason little time to kill all clean up the dead bug that it might take a the bugs. Why not wait awhile and residue along with the carpet stains?

I have an insect that is in my house. I see them more at night. they vary in size and have many legs

Centipede, Millipede?

How to kill spiders, ants and other things that get into my house WITHOUT getting my house sprayed?

Cats kill spiders and ants, spiders and ants don’t kill cats. What world do you live in?

is it necessary to have your house sprayed annually for termites. mine has been sprayed for 15 yrs.?

It depends on the part of the country you are in.In the North, not so. But, in the south Termites can be more invasive so it is recommended more frequently.

Killer In The White House?

Add ‘Clueless’ to your avatar name and let the writers of ‘Family Guy’ try to make jokes about it.

what causes nats in the house, and how do i get rid of them?

pour bleach down all your drains of the problem. if you got a basement more then likely they are drain flies/ gnats that will take care dont forget the floor drain also :0)

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