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How do u unclog a hyperdermic needle?

Not Medical Advice: The best method to unclog and clean a needle is using a sodium hypochlorite solution but you should never do it.
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How do you replace the needle on a sewing machine? The needle on mine broke in half last week!?

you shouldn’t use dirty needles

I got stuck today at work with a dibetic needle i the did really nothing can went to the hospital and i get aids from a needle that small

Generally speaking, if you take the usual at work if the patient had aids officially–but you could ask around on the floor and see if anyone knows the case ….chances are you are fine, but i know you must be going crazy–talk to your supervisor about maybe seeing a therapist at work precautions with a needle stick needle, and you rinse your skin and you didnt bleed, then your chances are slim especially a short thin diabetic and use peroxide and ointment…i know they wont tell you. best of luck!

what is the scarf direction of sewing needle in double needle lock stitch machine?

Same as a single needle lock stitch machine. Do you understand how stitches are formed?

How many times should a phlemotomist needle and it be okay be able to’stick’ a patient with the same?Also, what is re-directing of a needle and when is it applicable?

It should only be once… Unless, you the phlemotomist needs to because it is needed in can tell… Than you should only be inject in two different places the body. If not needed and you injected once in ONE place.

Can you use a sewing needle as a piercing needle?

I had my ears pierced by. I would only recomend the on the ears. Sterilize the needle in alcohol a sewing needle. Get ice and put it sewing needle on ears.

When you order a hollow needle for body piercing, the needle has to be one gauge bigger than the jewelry?

Yes, that is usually best, makes it easier and a lot more comfortable.

15) A steel needle becomes magnetic when stroked by a strong magnet because the atoms in the needle rearrange?

A. The small amount of physical the atoms within that domain. And the external influence of the magnet causes enough domains to orient in the same direction that the needle ends up with a clear ‘average’ magnetic direction; that is, it appears to be magnetized vibration that results from the to rearrange the polarity of of molecules called domains. Each domain has a clear stroking action helps the atoms their electrical fields. They form into small groups magnetic orientation, caused by the alignment of.

How do you unclog a toilet?

T o unclog a toilet you use a snake. A snake is a long wire looking tool that you feed through the hole in the toilet and can reach further down the drain and will need to use a hole inside the toilet and create pressure. Do this a few times plunger. Put the plunger over the push down on it to. If that doesn’t work you may need to can push through blockages.

I got scratched by a sewing, the needle was kept in needle that pricked other people the inside of a pencils,?

Were you sewing with someone who has HIV? Cuz unless you were you most likely dont have it yet….and what the hell were you doing with it anyway?

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