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How do you get garlic butter out of clothes?

Sprinkle a pinch of flour onto the stain and gently rub it into the spot. Launder the garment in the hottest water appropriate for the fabric.
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How to make garlic butter spread for homemade garlic bread?

umm u put butter on the bread and you put garlic salt or powder on it

if you put melted butter into a clothes iron, could you toast bread and butter it at the same time?

LOL!!!! Yes but you could never iron your clothes again, the oil in the butter would stain.

Liquid Garlic Butter

Not sure exactly what you are oil, either olive (for a stronger flavor) or canola (for a lighter flavor). If you can’t find it at a store or online (try the new grocery store at then you can make your own.In a small saucepan put 1 cup of oil over very low heat. Crush three cloves of garlic and dice after crushed into fine pieces. Add to the oil. Let this warm over the very low heat for about 30 minutes. Cool down if necessary or use warm.You can make garlic butter by using a stick of butter and less garlic (to taste) in the same manner as above. You can either melt the butter and skim off the solids or you can emulsify seeking.Butter is solid in a natural water. To achieve a ‘permanent’ liquid state would require some in a liquid you should state, consisting of fat solids and type of emulsification, potentially with unnatural ingredients.If you want great garlic flavor probably try a garlic infused the butter yourself.

How do you make butter sauce for crab legs, with just butter, garlic powder, and salt?

I slowly melt butter, skim off the white stuff, put into a warming dish to keep it hot, no garlic powder or salt.

Would there be a market for chocolate garlic butter cordials?

I like chocolate, and garlic butter, but it sounds gross to mix the two together

comments on peta?(people eating tasty animals) they have rights (to garlic and butter)

I’m desperately trying to think of animals right next to the in an email about loving the sign that I saw potatoes and gravy… :)

How can I make garlic bread with the following ingredients…Sliced wheat bread, butter, salt, garlic powder?

toast bread, spread on butter sprinkle garlic powder and just a bit of salt. Tada you have garlic toast

Would anyone like some shrimp-sauted with butter, garlic, and red pepper flakes? I’ll share my snack

Oh, I would love some!! I WILL make you a mayonnaise, and butter if you care with real bread and real nice chicken, lettuce and tomato sandwich tomorrow for it. Thank you very much!!!!

Everyone knows that garlic is good for the body, My question is, if i dice up a clove of garlic and

you can buy 1 a day garlic capsules which have the same properties (and dont make your breath smell!)

Can you use garlic butter for frying instead of regular butter?

If you like the taste of garlic then by all means, go ahead.

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