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How do you get high off paint thinner

Not Medical Advice: Paint thinners contains toxic substance known as a hydrocarbon. It can be taken into the body by mouth or by breathing.
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is it safe to mix paint thinner and lacquer thinner to thin down paint?

Latex paint use water. Oil base will tell you on the can what it can be reduced with. SOME USE PAINT THINNER SOME USE MINERAL SPIRITS SOME USE XYLENE>

Is there a difference between regular paint thinner and artists paint thinner?

Most of the time, the only difference is that artist’s paint thinner is lower on fumes and odor. That’s about all.

How do I get spray paint off of brick? Paint thinner?

I would call your city government they use for removing graffiti offices, and find out what substance from brick.

how paint thinner can effect your body

It can dry your skin out and mess with your mind.

is tamiya paint mixed with water i paint it on my or paint thinner because everytime scale model paint it does?

Tamiya paints are water-based, and rather thin. they are primarily designed for airbrush use….You will need to apply several thin coates letting each one dry in -between…

Need safety glasses for painters that can be cleaned up with paint thinner

Try your paint supply store. They may have glasses which have a ‘peel off’ protective lens cover. Glasses get too dirty, just peel off lens cover – and you have ‘new’ glasses.

My son spilled paint thinner on the carpet how can I get rid of the odor

I have always used, as an artist who has oil stains and will lift the odor out as well. This may have to be repeated until it is all gone, but it is the safest way to do it on been there, extremely warm water and a a small scrub brush and best for cutting grease and a damp cloth. The Lemon Based soaps are Lemon based dish soap with a carpet.

Will lacquer thinner, paint thinner, gasoline or kerosine remove hardened solvent cement inside brass fitting?


what is the difference between paint thinner, lacquer thinner, and acetone.?

paint thinner is a petroleum based. acetone is a solvent for some paints and epoxies and used in some manufacturing, and lacquer thinner is a fast strong solvent close to acetone w/ a combo of other chemicals like xylene, naphtha, toluene all sold separately as solvents mainly for epoxies this combination is used to thin lacquer thinner for a higher flash (faster chemical reaction to dry build and get a clear finish on clear coat . The health risks are the highest for lacquer thinner, inhalant addicts favor the individual ingredients in lq thinner but some painters enjoy the fumes while using lacquer as much of the product being sprayed turns into a gas. I am not sure why u ask but u can wikapedia this or else consult w/ major paint chains or pain manufactures they are all great solvents just wear a respirator or keep fresh air flowing there are many lacquer fires solvent to thin oil based soften other peto based products it has a fairly low stains and paints it will like tar and some plastics flammability and fairly low vapors each year Reference: me and the industry

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