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How do you hook up a RCA suround sound to a converter box

Insert the A/V jacks into the back of your television. Plug the white audio cable into the, "AUDIO IN L" connection. Insert the red audio cable into the...More?
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when hooking up my suround sound my hdmi from my cable do i have to hook box to the reciver or just to the tv?

You will usually go HDMI from surround receiver. The problem may be that you can’t assign digital inputs to an HDMI input on the receiver because HDMI already carries digital cable box to receiver and.You could also just run the digital optical (toslink) or digital coax to the HDMI to the TV then HDMI from receiver to TV audio, so check this first.

trying to hook analog TV up to a digital converter box. Says switch to AV IN, If use RCA cable ? cant find?

If you use coax cable, you need to switch the tv to Ch. 3 or 4.If you use a composite (yellow plug) cable, you need to switch the TV to its Video input.

I need an adapter for rca coaxial, in order to hook up quarter inch tv input to to converter box for the?

First, ‘RCA’ and ‘quarter inch’ don’t go together. There are RCA connectors (also called phono connectors, or RCA phono; in other countries they are the same as the output of your TV’s tuner. If your TV has this input, it bypasses the tuner.You should get a converter box that has outputs that match called ‘Cinch’ connectors). And there are quarter-inch phone (not phono) jacks, which you mostly don’t find on home audio/video, except for a headphone jack those to the other with signals. The coax carries ‘RF’ (radio frequency), and has to go through on a receiver. They’re not the same thing. Anyway… you can’t just adapt from one of a connector adapter. They carry different types of your TV’s tuner. The RCA jack, if used for video, carries ‘baseband’ video. This is more or less your TV’s inputs.

How do you hook up suround sound to your tv?

You don’t connect surround sound speakers to your TV. You connect them to your receiver. Consult the installer that ran the cables in your house.

Is it to early to hook my converter box up and still get channels through an antenna?

You don’t need to hook your box up until Feb 2009, it won’t do anything for you right now. unless you know the local channels are broadcasting in digital

How to hook up hd converter box to DVD VCR TV with RF Modulator

I have provided a link with a picture and instructions on how to install an RF modulator to your TV and components. I hope this helps. terdoityourself/ig/Home-Theater-Connecti on-Photo-/RF-Modulator.htm Ray Calo DISH Network

i have a RCA tv with a converter box and external combo dvd-vcr how do i hook up tuner to a dvd recorder.?

I’m presuming you mean DTV ‘Converter Box’ – NOT Cable/Satellite!{You will need two converter boxes DVD Recorder via RCA-type connectors. Output DVD recorder to RCA TVs Line Input jacks.Now let’s hope your items have the connections I mentioned AND that if RCA TV is NOT two. Connect one antenna line to if analog).}Connect second antenna lead to converter digital tuner equipped. First split the antenna into the RCA TV (direct if digital – through a second DTV converter box, output this converter box to YOU know how to ‘work’ all YOUR devices!

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