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How do you impersonate someone elses voice

How to do an impersonation: Watch the person carefully. Observe them many times. Do they have any mannerisms that they always do? If they are on TV, recordMORE?
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If an impersonator can mimic your voice, does that mean you can impersonate theirs?

The answer is that doing impressions an impression of. Also involved in impressions is facial is a talent. Some people have the talent’t.So it doesn’t mean that one can impersonate voice, Rich Little’s own voice is normal with for mimicry and others don the other back. John Madden has a distinctive nothing really there to give expressions and body language.

Can a girl impersonate boy george his voice and style

Certainly! I think it would be easier for a girl to impersonate boy george. Good Luck and have fun with that!

is it possible to have ur voice changed so it sounds like someone elses?

you can change your voice to imitate others… Rich Little is a good example..

ASP.NET – temporarily impersonate the app pool service ID when default it to impersonate the user?


i wanna impersonate barney the dinosaur voice. how can i do it, or is there anything i can buy?

Practice makes perfect.

I know it’s illegal to impersonate a cop, but can I impersonate a security guard, without gettin’ in trouble?

yes you can…you can go to jail for that!

Where can I get both with voice and without voice so you can record your own voice with the music.

Karaoke CD’s? I found lots of them at Walmart for my daughter. I think Party Time is the company name.

Are ther any free voice synth dat allows you to change your voice to make it sound like someone else

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