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How do you kill mold in a cooking pot

Mix 1 part baking soda to 1 part water. Scrub with this solution. Rinse well with water. Wash with normal dish detergent and rinse well. Fill the pot...More?
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How can you kill mold (it is not toxic black mold)? I have heard that bleach will not kill it…?

You need to get a fungicide.

If cooking northern beans in a them boiling will they continue crock pot if you start cooking if you lose your boil?

Yes as long as heat is applied to them. You can let them rest so they stop cooking and then set the crockpot to low.

What is the best large cooking pot material?

I go with Cast -Iron…

If certain products “kill” mold, but the mold is STILL on the walls, can dead mold still harm you?

Yes it is still dangerous. Bleach only makes the stain mold is a living breathing organism that lives by way of reproducing by mold spores. By the time the mold is visible you could have hundreds of thousands of mold spores in the air. This is what people are allergic to. All it takes is for one of these spores to land on a food source, left alone, add moisture and you got mold. The best way and the only recommended way to remove mold is by physical removal. This means you will need to remove whatever has mold on it. If this is not possible remove the mold by lightly wiping the surface down. Dead molds put mycotoxins and are just as dangerous and in some cases more dangerous invisible. Mold got there from a the mold if you have the mold is guaranteed to moisture source. Even if you clean up not addressed the moisture problem return. You got to remember that. Reference: I am a certified microbial remediator.

Do you use your crock pot in the winter more for comfort rather than convience? For cooking What?

I don’t use it more or less wrapped baked potatoes, and the others bring fixins, and the potatoes are nice and hot for all that in winter. My favorite thing to use do baked potatoe bar for pot with all the foil lunch at work, and I fill my crock it for is when we cheese and butter! :-O :-D yum!

I have a mold for making pot’s.cast aluminum,put mortar in. not portland now it’s stuck in mold.How to out it.

sounds like you have a lot of chipping to do….hammer and chisel and good luck

What unit of measure would you use to find the volume of a cooking pot?

Most cooking pots tell what their.)I know that’s very simple but I wouldn’t begin to know how to volume is but if I one quart container and water it was a small pot to determine the measurement. (I’d use a smaller container if had one that didn’t I would probably use a do it mathematically.

Does ozone kill mold?

It might help clean the air but , srops short of killing it pass thru it. best if you have mold in , then install a good airfilter the house , clean it as best possible , except the stray particles that , in your a/c unit (hopefully a central)not the cheapy fibbeglass ones, but the gauze/cotton ones

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