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How do you take out the drawers in a craftsman tool box?

Open the drawer on the back you will see a gap lift up and pull out.
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what kind of locks are on a craftsman tool box’s top drawers?

Should be a number on the face of the lock. You take the number to Sears, and they should be able to get you a key. Good luck.

where can i buy drawers for a craftman tool box? i got this cabinet and it dont have all the drawers?

Have you checked out a salvage yard?

where can I buy replacement metal drawers for my tool box?

Home Depot

Where can I get thick foam/rubber sheet to organise my tool box drawers?

just a thought but what about mudflaps off a car or truck?? or maybe ask a carpet or floor specialist.

got antique buffett #723 2 top drawers 2 side drawers swing open drawers and long pull out bottom $$

Sometimes the makers name is placed that means it is post 20′s style. And could of lost the paper stickers alot of post 20′s makers used. But this doesn not mean it is not worth anything by any means. There are professional furniture appraisers who can and are willing to look at it and tell you what you have and give you an idea of it’s worth. You can find the best of them usually hanging out at Antique shows because they are shopping for the BBD’s. It is hard to find an honest one though because of this. I grew up around these people because of my parents affinity for antiques, especially dolls, so I know. So with this fact in mind the best thing to do is get more than 1 or 2 appraisels. It just may something worth holding onto. And what ever you do NEVER PAINT IT, or change it from its original condition at least until inside on the bottom and you would need ot pull brand or label inside under for you to see it out the bottom drawers. And others would place their the top. If not label is found then you do find out.

Where can I get thick foam/rubber sheet to organise my tool box drawers?

You need to find an upholstery supplier – they stock it by the ton!ORSome markets sell the thin (1/2 inch thick) foam for chair padding

Where can I get thick foam/rubber sheet to organise my tool box drawers?

Upholstry shop or fabric goods store.

what’s name of craftsman woodworking tool available online only?

I hope these links help you find the tool you are for years, but I am not sure looking for. looking for. I have been a woodworker of exactly what you are for the ”.

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