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How get chocolate syrup out of carpet

Place a layer of paper towels over the chocolate stain and blot with your hands to remove as much stain moisture or liquid as you can. Make a solution ...MORE?
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HELP!! How to remove a chocolate syrup stain from carpet?!?

Okay heres what you do, pour hydrogen peroxide, for 2 minuites, and then vacume it up. you have to make sure you vacume it! Have fun!:)

chocolate powder or chocolate syrup for milk which is the best


How do I get chocolate syrup and raw eggs out of carpet?

Call Pro Clean or Stanley Steamer. Don’t try to get it out by yourself. You will set the stains and make them worse.

DOES having diarreaha have anything to do with eating chocolate syrup and donuts?

Yes it can do it.

Hershey’s Chocolate syrup or Nestle’s Quik?


I had a chocolate syrup fight all over the kitchen carpet, and some of it splattered. How do i get this out?

Club soda (fizzy water) gets everything out, And dab with a towel, dont rub

Chocolate syrup was smeared on the living room carpet, I’ve tried TONS of things, but it wont come out. Help!?

Not sure this will work but detergent. Chocolate contains fat so it the fat content. I know it works on try some plain blue Dawn might help in breaking up grease, which is fat as well.

I’m having French Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate syrup allllllllll over it. Want some?

I will bring the whipped cream! and the cheeries!

Which is more romantic whip cream, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup, or jello?

they’re all sticky……but i guess i would have to pick whipped cream

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