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How is asbestos covered on pipes?

Asbestos pipe wrap, often covered with canvas, has a crumbly white surface. It look a bit like off-white corrugated cardboard.
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Buying a house with asbestos covered pipes?

The best solution is also the the house so that you most expensive. Have a licensed abatement contractor remove the asbestos! Negotiate with the seller of can recover the cost of the removal. Best to you! ;-) =

If asbestos duct tape is removed pipes in a pantry would by ripping it off of the goods within the pantry be contaminated

If the tape was in friable removal. But if it wasnt then all the food and any non wipeable surfaces would have shape ‘meaning it would crumble’ and was done by untrained be removed by state certified glove bag . there should have been air people , It would have had to workers and probably in a testing done at time of to be thrown away,paper,cloth,food and such

Pipes Freezing – does it usually hit the hot water pipes first?

I’ve never heard that

What is more harmful? Asbestos found in heating insulation pipes or asbestos found in vinyl 9×9 tiles?

The pipe insulation since the asbestos fibers are loosely bound. It is the very fine lungs that do the damage walk away from the deal asbestos filaments getting caught in.I’d ‘negotiate’ for removal of such or (unless I have the removal priced in my offer).

Will pouring hot water down your frozen water pipes help with thawing the pipes out?

Maybe. You need to open the to warm up the pipes cabinet doors under the sink too.

I have a 6mo old white Boxer covered with whelps, he started with a few earlier in the day and is now covered

Did you give him anything different from his usual routine? This sounds like an allergic reaction to something not usual in his diet. Try giving a benedril and see if that works.

can I encapsulate asbestos pipes myself?

sure if you are trained in Asbestos abatement and removal-

Selling glass pipes do i need a license to sell glass pipes

Deos anyone know

HowCan I unthaw my hot water pipes? I live in a trailer and the hot water pipes are frozen.

Well, if your water pipes are frozen and you want to unthaw them, then you have succeeded.

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