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How long does it take concrete to fully cure?

Truly curing concrete requires significantly more time, about five to seven days depending on the area of the project.
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how long does it take for concrete too cure?

How Long to Cure? The answer to this question is maintained. Try drilling or jackhammering 30-year-old concrete and you’ll see what I mean. If concrete is cured in cool temperatures (32°F to 50°F), strength gain will be slow but the concrete will eventually reach a high strength as long as moisture is continuously present. However, concrete should not be allowed to get hotter than 90°F or to dry out during the curing period. If the concrete dries out too early in the hydration process (within the first three days), long-term strength will be compromised even if moist conditions return. If your intention is to produce the highest quality concrete, keep freshly poured concrete moist at 50°F to 90°F for seven days for Types I or II portland cement (‘regular’ concrete) or for three days if Type III cement (highearly, or rapid-hardening) or accelerators are used.As a practical matter, though, most concrete subs strip their wall forms after a few days, and few builders take the trouble to continue the curing process beyond that point. This is usually not a problem since, after curing for a few days behind the forms, 8- inch-thick concrete walls are plenty strong to carry residential loads (though you have to be careful about backfilling too soon). For slabs, though, with their increased surface area, you should pay more attention to curing, especially since conspicuous surface defects may be unacceptable.​htm&LEFT=left_pros.htm is the longer the better and gain strength almost indefinitely present and a suitable temperature as long as moisture is. Concrete will continue to hydrate

How long does concrete need to cure before sealing w/ 2-part epoxy.?

Your wife will hate me but can use quicker than 6 months. They will be able to help you with good advice I would wait 6 months. Go to a paint store tell you what is best to let it cure completely (not a box store) to get your coatings. They will be able to and may have one you.. Reference: Retired Painting Contractor

How much does a fully loaded concrete mixer truck weigh?

Five-axle cement trucks routinely break the 80,000-pound mark.

How long does it take to cure concrete for an interior foundation section 13″ by 35f’?

Years. If you’re concerned about moisture, use a dehumidifier. If you want to add flooring or wall paneling, apply a vapor barrier first. Reference: http://www.continuous-home-improvement-h

Rtv silicone takes to fully cure?

Every rtv brand cures in seperate or alot less, just remember rtv is not a safe alternative for actual intervales, read the label and check or be a little more 24hrs at MOST. specific somes might be more specific on brand, at most it usually is the recommended time on it gaskets.

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How do I cure concrete on a patio? The bag and websites say keep moist, sprinkle, cover, but how long?

There are a couple ways of put on a product that will retart the evaporation as well. Some concrete sealers can go on the surface as soon as no visible water can be seen. This definitly keeps the moisture in, but will emit water vapors even more slowly(This one is the most effective doing this. The easiest is to keep the first and cover with to evaporate but at a the surface damp, not necessarily wet. Another would be to do visqueen, This allows for the moisture slower pace. And another option is to)…

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