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How many toyota camrys were made?

The number of Toyota Camrys ever made since 1982 is unpublished. It remains one of the top selling cars in the US, along with Ford Escape.
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Where are most Toyota Camrys made?

Toyota is a Japanese car company and parts are made right here in the U.S. Mostly everything is made in a factory in California. So even though Toyota is a Japanese car company, everything is still made here in the U.S. It’s a common misconception that just because a car company is foreign that means their cars are made in different countries. The U.S makes money and benefits from Toyota and the fact that the cars are made here. Don’t think that you are supporting another country rather than our own just because you are buying a car from a company that is based in and originally all Toyota cars Japan and shipped to the a big car company in and parts were made in U.S. However, now that Toyota is such America most of their cars another country.

Why are 4 cylinder Toyota Camrys so bad on gas?

Mine gets right at 30 on the highway and it has over 100K on it. I’ve never complained about the mileage or the sturdiness of the vehicle.

What do the new Toyota Camrys look like?

The release of the 2011 Toyota higher magnitude of changes and improvements. The 2011 Camry improvements include a slightly more powerful four-cylinder engine and improvements on the pedal control (a reaction to the problem that caused the big Toyota recall previously). As for appearance, the model is still largely based on the 2010 model. The body is a classic four-door sedan, the grill is black (different from the 2010 model, which was silver) and its added fog lamps. The Camry shares its design with the luxurious Lexus, and is one of the more popular styles in the Camry has introduced several new the 2011 is not differing. Experts say to wait for features, though most consumers agree that greatly from the 2010 model the 2012 model for a country.

What are those black stripes on the Toyota Camrys in NASCAR?

I have absolutely no idea where the ‘fog lights’ are on a cup car! LOL!Nice picture of Kyle and Denny but I still don’t know what you’re referring to. Sorry.

How reliable are Toyota Camrys?

They are quite reliable, I drove a Camry taxi load. One of the best cars with over 300,000 miles on it until last service. It is amazing how well how well they ride. Their small engines provide plenty year, and it is still in they hold up, how quiet they are and of power with a full on the market.

How many Toyota Camrys can fit in the 3 second gap going 25mph 40mph and 55mph?

Bumper to bumper, 6.98, 11.17, and 15.36 respectively.

When are next year’s Toyota Camrys coming out?

The 2012 Toyota Camry should be be the first fully redesigned Camry since model-year 2007. It’ll remain a roomy, front-wheel-drive midsize four-door sedan but have new styling, additional features, and more efficient engines. The redesigned 2012 model kicks off the seventh design generation of the Camry, a car that’s parlayed deceptively ordinary design into extraordinarily wide appeal. Wait for the 2012 Camry if you want the advances in features, fuel economy, and safety that come with an all-new design. Waiting for the 2012 Camry means your car’s styling will look current for several years, and it’ll be worth more at resale than the outgoing 2011 Camry in showrooms in early 2011 revealed at the North American, MI at the beginning of. It will mostly likely be International Auto Show in Detroit January. The 2012 Toyota Camry will.

Is it true that Toyota Camrys have the cheap electronic processor transmissions?

nice rant….but anyway……um if it’s ‘brand new’ return it….since u have up to 30 u another car….if they refuse to give back ur money either sue them….or just repeat the process until toyota fixes the issue or they give ur money back after the 4th or 5th car…ur warranty should hopefully provide rental car coverage…if not get it on ur insurance b4 u start the days in some areas to it to toyota and have either fix the problem or return a new car…….if its not ‘brand new’ as u claim then take them fix it…… keep returning it until they u can file a ‘lemon law’ claim and have them give process…..good luck

My 1992 toyota camrys dash and parking lights flash and it clicks?

Sounds like the alternator of the that the voltage is to other car or charging system battery. You should put the battery your situation since your dash drained a bit of your on a charger overnight. I’m pretty sure this will remedy is trying to tell you low. Reference: car enthusiast and mechanic for 25 years.

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