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How much does the average person charge per hour for house cleaning or house keeping?

As a rough guide, hourly rates for house cleaning or housekeeping services range anywhere between $25 - $50 per hour.
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House cleaning. What to charge by hour?

Depends where u are?? figure out how many hours it will take and then are worth. Do u supply your own charge between 15-20 per hour..and the demand is so high times by the wage you supplies?? In Canada we can easily you can get alot more….

How do you know how much to charge someone to do house cleaning for them? Is there a “going rate” per hour?

I’d go for about $10 an hour. that’s what a professional maid charges.

How much do l charge to clean a very dirty house per hour in chicago suburbs

How much would l be charging for errands in chicago suburbs in illinois

average per hour pay for a painter to paint 3 small rooms in a house

Depends on where you live. Call a few painters out will be the closes you come to a real average of the yellow pages or. Add the quotes together and quotes you have and this divide by the number of classified ads and get quotes.

I just started a house cleaning business and am having trouble quoting . I don’t want to charge by the hour ?

A few years ago I built home you would be looking a business plan for a doing market research and found $0.12 a square foot to clean cleaning business. I spent about 3 months, on average it costs about a house.So charge $0.12 a square foot, for a 3000 square foot for $360. Hope that helps.

Do you do spring house cleaning? I can’t figure out whether I am doing it because my house is

It kind of confuses me too. I do actually do Spring cleaning. But I don’t realize I’m doing it until after it’s done. Then I stop & think, hey! You’re Spring cleaning! I get rid of a lot of crap.~

How much does Maid Brigade charge for an average house’s first-time cleaning?

For a first time cleaning it because it’s usually really dirty. Subsequent weekly cleanings are less will probably cover the first time only.They charge more the first time, since there is less to have to clean.

house cleaning service. How much should i charge to clean an entire 2800sqft house once a week?

20 dollars an hour.

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