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How much gear oil goes into the rear differential on a 1997 f150??

Sorry, unable to find info. Best to ring Ford at T: 800-392-3673. Otherwise, please specify your location to find a Ford dealer near you.
Some information by our algorithm and check these resources as below:

Trying to find the location of the rear differential inspection and/or filler hole 1997 Ford F150 2WD V8 4.6L?

Usually they are on the passenger the vehicle. It will be on the it should have a square side towards the front of top half of the axle hole in it for a 3/8 breaker bar.

what weight of gear oil goes in the rear differential for a can am outlander 800, and how much?

If it has no drain plug special equipment can suck oil out.Attached link on grade and amount. Reference:

Rear differential on 1981 ford f150?

If you need to add oil ,its usually 90 weight, if its limited slip , buy the oil specified for this.

Does anyone know how much rear end gear oil a 2002 Ford f150 takes?

A gallon jug should be more than enough.

Rear differential fluid capacity 2000 chevy truck using synthetic oil?

Synthetic or conventional, the capacity does not change ‘fill plug’ on the pumpkin of the. Consult your owner’s manual, or fill level with the rear end.

1999 chevy z-71 tahoe ,rear differential was leaking replaced gasket and gear oil and still leaking at bottom?

most likely its bent…the differential…not good.

where can i buy a 2007 ford f150 rear differential and axle assembly?

Salvage yard…………………

What size differential is in the rear of a 2004 Ford F150 Lariat 4×4??

most likely the 8.8′. drop by the dealership or call with the vin # and they can verify it.

what type of gear oil should rearend I am told it I use on 2001 f150 is a special type of oil

Check the owner’s manual in capacities. It should tell you there normally used in most rearends. However, 80-90 gear lube is what is.

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