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How much horsepower does a 1974 ford gran Torino Elite with a 351 windsor have

1974 Ford Gran Torino Elite with 351 Windsor has 255 horse power. The average price of the car is $4,437.
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What is the horsepower of a 1972 gran torino 351 windsor engine?

Under 200, it was the smog years.. ml Reference:

compression specs for a 1974 ford 351 Windsor?

Most probably 8 to 1 or 8.5 to 1. You can get a chiltons book at the library to check it out.

How fast will a 1971 ford torino go with a 351 Cleavland?

A mach one mustang with a 351 cleveland would bury the speedo at 120, i would bet 135 mph.

Ford windsor 351 valve adjustment?

There is no mech. adjustment that you can ‘dial’ in. The lifters are hydrolic, and self adjust. Oil pressure keeps the lifter ‘inflated’ and transfers motion through a push …

1974 ford gran torino, ext. high speed & load starts acting like starved for fuel?

Bad catalytic converter. Comes from running leaded gas back in the 1970′s

what should the timing be on a 72 gran torino with a 351 engine?

8 degrees BTDC top bead center they don’t make them like that any more , I can not remember any re calls on any car, Also look on the labels help spark plug also , hope this helps. Thanks sovman that is what have one it was sweet displayed under hood that will I meant I use to wish I still had it back then . Reference: 36 years @ ford motor co repairman

What is “Gran Torino” about?

It’s about a crusty old man of white folks left, and he’s not real happy about it. He has no real connection to his children or grandchildren, but reluctantly and gradually begins to connect to the teenagers next door. I intentionally left out many details. Rent it or buy it who has just lost his his ways, and who is living in one of a dwindling few a neighborhood where he is wife, who is very set in, definitely worth watching.

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