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How much oil does a 2004 chevy colorado use

According to sources, a 2004 Chevy Colorado uses around 6 quarts of oil with the filter. The Chevy Colorado was equipped with a 3.5-liter engine from 2004-2007.
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how do I turn off the change oil light in my 2004 chevy colorado?

change your oil!

Where is the plug to drain the oil in a 2004 chevy blazer?

If you have to ask this,,you have no right being under the truck in the first place.

2004 chevy colorado 5 cyl?

got it like it

Wheels for my 2004 Chevy Colorado. What size is best?

i’d try 18s because colorados are smaller than silverados and i have a silverado with 20s

2004 chevy colorado key will not turn?

either the pins in the barrel the key moves down when of the ignition switch are seized or the rod which turned is stuck. Only two usual options or someone switched keys???

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