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how much water and cornstarch do you use to make goop

To make homemade goop, use equal parts cornstarch and water. You can use a little food coloring to make it extra fun!
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What is the precise amount cornstarch needed with 1 cup of water to make a perfect non-Newtonian fluid?

This material has been given the, the material would not flow. In order to get the dilatent behavior, the starch particles would have to be swelled with water, but there should be enough free water to allow some name ‘Oobleck’. It demonstrates the non-Newtonian flow behavior call ‘dilatancy’, or shear-thickening. I have seen recipes that to be mixed with 1 volume. A precise mixture is not call for 1 part water – 2 parts corn starch by necessary. I don’t know the saturation point, but if it were reached fluid flow.

How do you make goop?

To make goop you need: 1 cup cornstarch 1/2 cup water Food coloring Place cornstarch in a flat pan cornstarch. Mix well with fingers. Use your imagination on how of food coloring. Pour water mixture over the. Mix water and your choice to use it.

How do i make slime without cornstarch or borax?

There are some step by step instructions on other ‘recipes’ here: ke-slime.html And some videos here: ime-without-borax-or-cornstarch/

Kitten has eye goop, nose goop, sneezing, and anal leakage. What illness does she have?

she has a respiratory infection take her to the vet

many organism use water as a transport fluid. for example,, human blood plasma is approximately water make it an ideal 90% water. which of these properties of material for dissloving necessary chemical substances?

Hi, The polar nature of the h the strong attractive forces that water molecules generate between other water molecules. When an ionic or polar compound enters water, it is surrounded by water molecules (Hydration). The relatively small size of water molecules typically allows many water molecules to surround one molecule of solute. The partially negative dipole ends of the water are attracted to positively charged components of the solute, and vice versa for the positive dipole ends. In general, ionic and polar substances such as acids, alcohols, and salts are relatively soluble in water, and nonpolar substances such as fats and oils are not-oh bond causes water to become due to its polarity. The ability of a substance to by whether or not the a good solvent. Water is also a good solvent dissolve in water is determined substance can match or better So the answer is C. regards Jayen

Eye goop?

Sounds like allergic reactions to something lids also and you need to see whats going on and i like to take real good care of the eyes because we only have two and they can not be replaced and any thing like this can affect the sight in the long run if not checked and healed so take her tomorrow and get this taken care of and hope all is well and she needs to be they have meds for this this goop this could be taken to the doctor and and will need to culture bactria infections from the eye.

Corn starch and water goop? ?

it is indeed cornstarch and water.custard powder works too.take as much cornstarch as you have, slowly add water until gloopy!enjoy

Uses for pumpkin pulp(or goop)?

You can make a pumpkin pie Harvest Pumpkin Suet for year round wild bird feeding. Contains rendered beef suet, corn, wheat middling, and pumpkin seeds. I don’t think pumpkin pulp will hurt the birds. I’m sure they eat pumpkins that have been damaged (squashed) in fields. Suet Recipes you can alter with the pulp. Roasted pumpkin seeds are goodGinger Pumpkin Pie1 9 inch deep-dish or up to 11 inch2 cups pumpkin puree1 cup heavy cream1/2 cup milk4 eggs3/4 to 1 cup granulated sugar eating. but shallower regular pie crust, according to taste 1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger1/4 teaspoon ground coriander seed1/2 cup finely chopped crystallized ginger

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