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how much would it cost to change a ford mustang automatic to a manual transmission?

It varies quite a bit. Many Mustang drivers who have changed auto to manual transmission have paid upwards of $2500 (some as much as $6000) plus labor costs.
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How much does it cost to change a manual transmission to an automatic transmission on a 200 ford ranger?

It means you have to change everything. About $5,000 for someone to do it correctly.

Why wont my Ford 390 automatic transmission work on my manual transmission flywheel?

The flywheel from the manual wont work with an automatic transmission bolt up an automatic transmission transmissions only. the Manual flywheel wont have. You need a flexplate to. A flywheel is for manual bolt holes for the automatic converter.

Can I change a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 from Manual to Automatic? Also how much would cost to switch?

You could but it would be it would ruin the integrity alot of work and alot of money and money and (aka value) of the original car . You’d be better off learning how to drive a stick.

Can the manual transmission on a 1979 ford truck be changed to an automatic transmission?

Yes, it can. Two important pieces of info for your engine to replace the flywheel as there is no provision on the flywheel to mount the torque converter. You’ll also need the appropriate transmission to bolt to your engine (this is why the engine family is important, as there are four basic bolt patterns) and if it’s four-wheel drive, you will need a 4X4-specific transmission as the output shaft is different from a two-wheel drive. (For strength and reliability in this application you’ll most likely want a C6 transmission.) You will need a shifter, either an aftermarket floor-mounted shifter (easiest) or, if you’re going for a factory look and want the column-mounted shifter then you’ll need to replace the steering column. This can be sourced from a wrecking yard, be sure to get all the linkages with it. Other considerations include the transmission cooler, which on a factory installation is built into the radiator. You can install an external cooler in front of the radiator (which is better anyway) or replace the radiator with one from an automatic-equipped truck. Also, don’t forget the kickdown linkage which will need the appropriate linkage on the carburetor to activate it, you may need to replace the carb. The clutch pedal can simply be removed, and you can replace the brake pedal if you wish with one designed for the automatic which has a longer pedal pad. You’ll also need to replace the driveshaft as your old one will now be too short (again, if it’s a two-wheel drive truck…if 4X4, then it won’t matter as the transfer case should still wind up in the same location) It all sounds pretty intimidating but it’s not really too bad. Best to find a donor truck (in the wrecking yard for example) that has everything you need on it so that you can see how it all comes apart and source all needed parts from the same that are needed here are the truck is two or swap are the same. You will need the appropriate flexplate four-wheel-drive, but the principles of the the engine family and whether place. And have fun with it!

Will a 85-87 Ford Ranger, 5 speed manual transmission interchange with a 97 Ford Mustang

Sorry, the Ranger transmission is a longer and would take to many modifications to make work. Your better of sticking with a mustang transmission 1994-99.

i want to put a 97 on a 97 gt v8 v6 ford mustang transmission manual ford mustang automatic will it fit?

fit yes bolt up no the spline and bolt patten will be different

5 speed manual transmission in 97 Ford Mustang only works in 4th gear.

Last time I had a similar problem the fork and throw out bearing were shot.

96 Ford explorer automatic 4.0- IS there a 5 speed manual transmission that will work on it?

There was one 5 speed transmission transmission built by a qualified professional or buying a truck that is already a 5 for 93-97 rangers and explorers and it a transmission it will be manual. You will need the clutch was a 5-speed Mazda M5OD-R1, the problem wont be finding converting your auto to a pedal assembly, clutch master, clutch line, slave cylinder, manual crossmember, flywheel, clutch etc. I would strongly suggest having your speed.

should i get a ford mustang with automatic transmission or manual transmission?

If you’re looking to drive a fast you get manual transmission, you’re going to have to be alert whenever you drive (especially on hills). You’ll be driving with 2 arms sports car, a lot of people would transmission. It gives you better control show off to girls or recommend you getting the manual of the car.If you’re just getting the car to whatever, just get an automatic. Keep in mind that if and both your legs.

I have a 1973 Ford truck with a 360 engine and the tree. I want to put an a manual transmission 3 on automatic in it. What are my options that will bolt in?

A good C-6 is what i would use, or just every day driving, it will bolt up and transmision, much stronger than its brother wont be that hard to is a good heavy duty the C-4, The C-6 was very widely used aint find now. a very reliable trans. good for pulling, or any other stressfull job

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