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how to get rid of cd/dvd scratches -Anthony

To remove cd/dvd scratches:1 First, apply a small even amount of tooth paste on the scratched side of the DVD with a wet paper towel. 2 Follow up by apply-MORE?
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Getting rid of scratches on a DVD?

Not really anything you can do of those DVD cleaners (motorized ones). The cheap wipes with the at home, short of going to the video store and buying one ‘cream’ don’t work very well to fill in deep scratches.

What is the best way to clean DVD’s and get rid of scratches?

one was is to put an whole cd then clean it inside to outanother way is to put tooth ice cube and rub the with a towel from the paste from the inside if the cd then out….direction inside outhope its works and helps [=

How do you get scratches out of a DVD

You can try Brasso (metal polish). This has seemed to work you all the different ways to do this too. Remember though, NEVER clean any CD or DVD in a circular motion. Always clean in straight lines from the center of the disc outwards. Otherwise, you’ll just make things even worse the best for me. If the DVD has very. There are many videos on step by step process in minor scratches, you could try toothpaste instead youtube that show you the removing scratches and they show.

Why does a Dvd-R not hold up to light scratches where a store bought dvd with scratches plays ok?

use pledge on it and rub gently across cleaning the surface.this should fill in the scratch marks

i heard peanut butter gets rid of scratches on a dvd is this true?

i doubt that

best way to get rid of cd, dvd game disc scratches without those cleaner things?

Tooth paste

How can I get scratches off of cd’s or dvd’s? I hear fingernail polish remover will fix scratches.?

you can use toothpaste on the scratch to remove it. just rub some toothpaste into the scratch and wipe off the excess

How do you repair scratches on a dvd?

Take in to your local game store and they should be able to

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