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How to get rid of salt stains on uggs ?

UGG sells a special cleaner for its suede boots. But it is possible to remove salt stains from UGG boots without using the product. Want directions?
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How do you get rid of salt/snow stains on Uggs?

i tried using a damp sponge to try and scrub it off and then used one of those shoe brush things it helped

White tshirt -yellow pit stains! how do i get rid of the stains?

Make a paste out of oxy clean, brush it on with a scrub brsh and wash. If the stain remains cut it into rags or dye it.

Salt stains

I’ve honestly never heard of that. Haven’t found a stain yet that.As  But my husband is a bold one and I “Shout it out” when I wash his shirts Shout doesn’t get out! As  Good Luck!

how to get salt stains off of uggs?

Just wipe them off with a wet paper towel and then let them dry. That’s what I do to my Uggs.

How do i get rid of to cover the room before semen stains that are on to get rid of them my carpet. they are old and need. thanks guys. next time ill be sure explode.

Oxiclean powder, water and scrub brush. You may end up cleaning the entire carpet because of the clean spot you will make.

Can I put my uggs in if I have a shoe the dryer to dry out rack for it, and how do I get rid of water stains?

Try this site, it had a lot of the answers you are looking for:

When the fur goes in uggs?? my uggs are only 2 yrs …

It sounds to me like it’s time for a new pair.

How do I get rid of salt stains on new brickwork?

So I read online that the should prevent it in the salt comes from water getting out the water soluble salts to go. After that if there’s some way to seal the into the brick and leeching in the brick. There’s some masonry detergent called ‘sure-clean’ which apparently is the way brick (or reseal) to keep water out it future.

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