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how will moldy clothes containinate a dryer if high temps kill mold

Washing machines must use water to operate. If the machine isn't wiped down after used mold can thrive since most molds prefer damp places.
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Is this a good proccess for completely removing mold from some moldy towels and clothes?

Don’t use more detergent than is recommended on the container. Using more than is recommended doesn’t make it clean better. It just makes it harder to rinse out.

Partial basement with very high mold counts need a non-toxic, green, or natural way to kill mold.?

Sadly, undiluted bleach is the best to have your basement sprayed by professionals and go to a hotel for a night way to kill any kind o-zone machine for at least 24 in the air and hard of mold. You must also run an hours to kill the spores to reach places. This means that you need. Reference: Best friend owns a mold removal company.

Can an clothes dryer 30amp be plugged into a range outlet 50amp if I change the plug on the dryer

No. The amps are incoming. Call an electrician to handle the proper wiring from your breaker box and install the proper plug.

If vinegar kills mold, can it go moldy?

Hi Linda, I don’t thinks so. I think vinegar only gets stronger with age, similar to wine. ;>)

Moldy Sauder storage cabinet. My clothes are getting moldy too.. help!?

You need to get a good Depot. The mold killer in Garden mold killer and then prime it with Kilz. Both are available at Home cleaning aisle and the Kilz in Paint department.

Why does my clothes dryer leave dark marks on some of my clothes?

That is possible. I’ve seen that happen before due in there from some other to the thermostat failure in. Otherwise if it’s not actually a burn mark to see if a substance a dryer. You’ll need to replace that part, look inside the dryer drum such as tar has gotten object.

What can you put in the clothes dryer to take lint off clothes?

Hi Yvonne… I don’t use dyer sheets, I use liquid softener because with clothes… turn the dryer on immediately. Works like a dryer sheet I love the smell… but, what I’ve done is get an old of liquid softener on it dryer, after I fill the dryer and place it in the lint free cloth (a teri cloth works) and put about a capful!

Clothes Dryer Troubleshooting

There are ‘how to’ books in Home Depot and parts. I have done exactly what you are asking about because I fix things myself, when possible. Even if you just put in your search engine ‘appliance repair’, you will see the web sites I am referring to. A couple of tips. Don’t put too many clothes in the dryer at one time. Only fill it to half full so that the clothes can move easity as the tub turns. Ensure that the lent trap is clean. Ensure that you set the heat control to the proper setting. If you open the door while the machine is running and don’t feel and heat from inside, you have an internal problem. Perhaps, the pilot light is out, if it runs on gas. If it is electric, one or both heating elements also on line information. If you type in the that will help you out brand and model number, give you ideas on how problem, you will get web sites. They will even ask the to trouble shoot and offer are probably shot.

What causes wrinkled clothes in the dryer?

Allowing the clothes to sit too long after the cycle ends.. Remove your clothes asap (while their still warm) once the drying cycle completes.

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