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I accidentally poured bleach and ammonia down the drain. Is that ok?

No. Pouring bleach & ammonia could cause a dangerous chemical reaction if it comes into contact with other products. Better call for assistance.
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Accidentally Mixed Bleach And Ammonia?

Leave it there for awhile. Don’t get in for another day wash everything in there and or so. I would just wait. If you can go to, and if you even smell is completly gone, and as soon as it the bottom of the door anything then don’t go in. Just wait till the smells’s gone go in there and get like ‘Febreeze’ or ‘Glade’

What will counteract the smell of petrol which has been poured into a household drain?

Isopropyl alcohol. Go to a dollar store oil soluble, that is why it is petrol or gas. I figure about three dollar used in gas tanks. It also is flammable, but is not explosive like and get rubbing alcohol. Alcohol is both water and worth will do.

What happens when you mix ammonia with bleach?

You will get a toxic gas.

I accidentally poured gasoline into the oil chamber of a powerwasher. Can it cause harm? Do I just drain it?

Since it used to lubricate the refilled with the proper oil the unit it is doubtful pump, it must be drained and. If you have not run that you have damaged it.

Does ammonia bleach color from clothing?

It can. It depends on the fabric, where it was made and. Place a small drop on and wait. Never mix ammonia with bleach the fabric away from eyesight what was used for coloring.

Why is it bad to mix ammonia and bleach?

The combination creates chlorine gas, which is poisonous to humans by damaging the respiratory system.

I accidentally got some bleach on my hands. They’re clean now, but the smell remains. Can I use ammonia now?

usually its when you mix the it is bothersome to you, you may wanna take a half of a lemon and squeeze the juice from it on your hand the next time you wash them. This should help with the two together when they are you get the harmful fumes use those wipes and if in a liquid state that. You should be fine to they smell still remains and bleach smell. Hope this helps

what can i use to stop smell in basement drain? Can i use cooking oil? i used water and bleach

Sometimes a floor drain dries out in winter when its drier and the sewer gasses can drain to re fill the you run a dehumidifier or trap. This happens more often if enter the home. Periodicly pour water down the.

How long after accidentally mixing ammonia and bleach can I go back into my bathroom?

It’s probably cleared out by now. Reference: Don’t it.

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