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I just turned the heater on in my apartment and it smells like gas. Is that normal?

No. Your heater should run fine without any unusual fumes coming from it. You can inform your landlord to have it checked for any leaks.
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If the gas was turned off today and I have a normal-large water heater-will there be hot water left to shower?

There should be… the same thing happened to me a few years ago, and the hot water lasted for a few days.

I just turned on my new heater and something smells like its burning?

It’s normal ¦..give it a day it.. will go away Wow that rhymes!

My 1999 goldwing get lousy gas milage and smells unburned gas fumes what is wrong?

Stuck choke causing overfueling.

Whose gas smells worse…?

I say guys…specifically baby boys! EWWW! The type of infant formula smell so much worse! I can get away from I am caring for and they drink can make it anyone else’s gas except for the babies holding. Good question though, it made me laugh! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

I have a propane gas heater that starts up every 15-20 mins. and when it does it smells like gas. Dangerous?

you probably have a leak. Spray a mixture of soap and water on any fittings to check for leaks. If you can’t fix it call a professional.

My parents’ house smells like gas when the water heater is used. My stepdad says it’s burnt gas & not harmful.

it may be . you may have a clogged exhaust flew,or a slightamount of gas not buring off possibly a leak after the mixingvalva you should at least install a carbonmonoxide detector

My 2002 Kia Rio smells like acetone when heater is turned on.?

don’t put nail varnish on whilst driving you’ll spill it

Stove top’s gas has been on for an unknown amount of time. Whole apartment buiding smells like gas. HELP?!?

Call the super or gas company of your apartment.Don’t use a land phone, turn anything off or on spark.) light a match or turn from a phone line outside (static electricity could set off a on any heaters.Open windows on opposite sides of the apartment to ventilate.

Can you convert a gas water heater to an electric water heater in a house?


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