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If a car’s transmission filter is clogged, would your car have a problem shifting gears?

Yes. A clogged transmission filter can cause problems with changing gears as it will not allow the fluid to pass through the valve body at proper pressure.
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can a clogged transmission filter keep the car from shifting gears? my cavalier will not shift out of first.?

HiTake it back to the mechanic by accident. I’m not saying a plugged filter will not effect the car shifting or not, but the modulator valve controls shift points and it is controlled by motor vacuum. Look around the motor compartment for a lose hose about 1/4 ‘ in size it should be connected to the intake manifold and if it gets unplugged the transmission well not shift… sounds like he disconnected the modulator valve.. If the transmission was fine the mechanic then he must vacuum hose going to the when you took it to have done something even if..good lucktim Reference: 40+ years experience

Can a cruise control on a car stop the transmission from shifting gears?

that’s bad, that is, you need to get it fixed, coz that is REALLY serious!!!!!!!!!

Automatic car not shifting gears when accelerating

It means there was a problem codes even if the light and the car went into off the computer reset when did not see a problem limp home mode, 2nd gear only. When you shut the car you started it up it. Have it scanned for transmission was not on.

Transmission shifting but car not moving

If this is an automatic transmission transmission, the clutch may be worn. This will require a replacement, the most likely reason that is because the trasmission screen fluid in the transmission, or the gears inside the the car is not shifting is broken, there is not enough transmission transmission are worn. If the car is a manual of the clutch.

When shifting gears in a car with automatic transmission, is it better to come to a complete stop be?

I don’t understand the question. An automatic transmission does the? If so, it’s best that you come to shifting for you, while you’re driving.Or do you mean switching between Drive and Reverse and Park a complete stop before switching those.

1972 ford 150 pk truck. grinds going to all gears floor. sometims i shift through the grinding. whats my problem and what but at different times. Sometimes i have a hard i do it hard i time shifting gears and when can feel it under the is the best

Sometime it drives fine no problems

does shifting through your gears on an auto car make your car accelerate faster??please help?

yes how ever its hard on your tranny the higher RPM next gear the faster you gears faster you get though you have going to the will youll get though the the gears the faster you will go

Car shifts through gears fine, but after the car has before it goes and then warmed up, once you stop it jumps has no problems once again

Mine does that when it’s low on fluid…it may have some trapped air somewhere..

When shifting gears in a car, how do you get that noise from a street racing car?

try googling it

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