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If cold weather drains a car battery, how to keep battery running properly?

You may need to have the vehicle's electrical system inspected. To keep the battery running properly, charge batteries for the proper length of time.
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The battery in my 2000 vw passat drains completely when cold outside. battery and alternator both test good.?

1; You have a Bad Door, Trunk, Under Hood Light switch (Light Stuck On)2; Bad Diode in Alternator Draining Battery when system is Turned Off? Get Alternator checked for ‘Correct Amperage Output’, if below Listed Amps the Alternator is bad. Reference: 38 Years Exp.

After a dead battery is boosted detrimental to the alternator to with jumper cables is it recharge the battery by running the engine?

My opinion is if you have installation or the alternator warranty is void. The alternator can be damaged from heat if it is trying to charge a dead battery and power a running car at the same time a battery charger available, use it. An alternator is meant to battery, and power the cars electrical in the box telling you maintain the charge in the system. Most new alternators will have instructions to charge the battery before.

The battery light on my 97 Lincoln Town car stays on and drains my battery?

Both the charging system and fuses are easily tested – find another repair facility.

I can’t remove the battery cables from my car battery chevy impala ss 2006

If the cables are on top to get the nuts loosenedif they are on top and they are all corrode you can cut the cable just behind them and buy 2 new ends. if you do that then just cut the plastic on the cable off exposing the cable about an inch and put the new ends on. remember to clean the connections real good with sandpaper before you hook it back up so you have a good and you cant get the of vise grips to loosen apart with a screwdriver. if they are on the nuts off use a pair the nuts and spread them side do the same thing clean connection.

Will an Optima brand battery (Model D34) fit/work in my 1996 Volvo 850? IF not, what is the best battery for my car?

There is more to this than post configuration, the CCA (cold cranking Amps) & the physical size of the the brand of battery the important thing is the case size & spec you should be interesed in the battery. Refer to an application chart or cross referance

My car battery drains overnight unless I pull the “radio battery” fuse?

take it to a garage

I need to know voltage of battery for 2001 Ford Explorer and the charger asks these Sport and size. I am charging the battery questions and the car di

12 volt battery is voltage. It is not deep cycle. What else is it asking for.

Can you charge a dead car battery on a battery charger?

Yes you can by adding a charging both at the same second battery in parallel and time.

Can plugging in your car in cold weather help with the battery?

Plugging in the car means there need less power to start is an engine block heater water jacket of the engine for the battery, but will keep the engine that is installed in the block. This will not do anything warm enough so it will the car.

1999f-150 battery goes dead if I leave battery connected I check find a short I checked for shorts but could not this by unconnecting battery ground

The procedure for finding this problem there is a short some where, if not lit I’m stumped— If it is lit remove the fuses one at a time, when the light goes out that is the circuit that has the load— Once it is narrowed down it is usually easier to find the problem— there are circuits that are not fused on newer vehicals and wires before the fuses can also be the problem. If it is in the charge start run circuit it may be difficult to find and if found difficult to fix. Oh I almost forgot, you will have to disconnect the radio and any alarm is to remove the positive test light between the positive on the battery— make sure every thing is cable clamp and hook a cable and the positive post off— if the light is lit (always on circuits)

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