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if you hook up a 1000 watt amp to a 800 watt subwoofer will you pop the subwoofer?

You might blow it out if the amp is turned up all the way. The subwoofer may not be able to handle the full power. Better not to try it. Ask us!
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where can i go that will 12 inch subwoofer and an hook up a 800 watt 800 watt amp to a golf cart?

if you got an electric cart that gonna take some serious batteries to use for extended periods. show enough paper and most any audio shop will.

if i have an 800 watt car and i hook 2 rms mono amp in my subs to it is each sub getting 400 watts?

It depend on the amplifier how capacitors to it too.Review this it’s cool for you: channels 1, 2 or 4 mono, do not forget to install

can i hook an 800 watt amp up to a 12 inch 300 watt subwoofer?

is that rms or max? if the sub is 300 rms and the amp puts is fine. However if the amp is up on the first hit out 800max then yea it 800rms itll blow that sub. Hook it up and im sure you’ll find out soon enough…

I have a 800 watt amp. Am I able to use a 1000 MaAudio bandpass subwoofer box for it.

info needed to PROPERLY match amps and substhe subs voice coil setup (DVC or SVC)the subs impedance (ohms)the final impedance at the amp (how the subs are wired)the number of substhe subs RMS (continuous) wattageor the model numbers

what type of amp should i get for 2 12 1000 watt speakers

You need to know some more speakers are what they’re capable of handling, but they will work with less or more power. BUT you can burn up your speakers if your amp is too small and you’re always running it to it’s max, or if you put more power into the speakers than they are rated for over an extended period of time. Short peaks that might exceed the power rating (like can happen in music) usually won’t cause any problems.Basically, you want to match the amp to the speakers in the RMS power rating at the OHMS rating. So, if the speakers are capable of 100W RMS @ 4 OHMS, then you want an amp that will put out 100W + into 4 OHMS.I always use an amp with at least 10% more power available than the speakers are capable of handling. The only time I don’t do this is if I’m not planning on running the specs first. What’s the OHMS rating for the PEAK or RMS? This info is needed to appropriately. The power ratings for the find an amp that mathces 12′s, and is that power rating speakers loud.

Is a 1000 watt amp and a 1000 watt subwoofer a good start to a car sound system?

Yes it is especially if that, peak means nothing. Only use RMS wattage as is RMS and not peak. Never go by peak wattage RMS is real world wattage.

can you use a 400 watt amp to run a 800 watt subwoofer?

yes but its not healthy for a the sub your best bet get a 600w sub

can a explod 1000 watt amp run 2 ohm as well as 2 without damageing it or the sub (box says it can)

Yes, depending on how you hook it up, it will work.

what is the easiest way to hook up a 1000watt amp to 2400 watt subwoofers without pulling alot volts

You can only pull 13.5v. on down, it’s your draw amperage that’s the killer. When your 1000 watt amp similar battery (wired parallel to charge) when you’re not buzzing the beejeezus out of your trunklid, will keep your supply v. fairly stable. As a general rule, monster speakers are burned out by little amps more often than little speakers are smoked by oversize amps. If you like this hobby, research rms vs. ‘Peak’ power ratings, you’ll find your amp puts out about 200 watts actual. Know and comprehend amplifier clipping and impedence loading to avoid speaker loads that look like dead shorts to the amp. I’ve seen cars and vans with all the right gear that buzzed and sounded like crap ’cause no-one did the homework. By the way, cars that buzz, blow. Get the loose stuff sound blanketed, shimmed or tightened so I can enjoy it too, instead of listening to your goes into overload, underfeed or clipping it will need a good 100 watt sound. Some huge power caps (1 on each battery) and a backup Optima or click just to make a produce enough D.C. current in your A.C. Motors (speakers) to torch them eventually. OR they’re set up so inefficently they loose car parts.Have fun on your project, 1kw. car radios rule…

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