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If you park downhill and there is no curb which way do you turn your front wheels?

If you will park facing downhill, and there is no curb, you should turn your front wheel towards the side of the road.
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How to calculate curb-to-curb turning radius of a 3-wheels car (2 front tires, rear wheel drive)?

you have to drive further out into the road when turningbut practice makes perfect

Can I paint the curb in front of my house so only I can park there?

I don’t think you can. I’m pretty sure the curb isn’t your property. It’s public property, which means if you paint it, you might get a fine.

When you are parking uphill and you’re on the curb, which way do you turn the wheels?

To brace your car when parking. Don’t forget to set the parking brake after you cut your wheels and put your car uphill, you have to turn your curb and back up slowly tire is against the curb until the rear of the wheels sharply away from the in park.

Whats wrong with a losi mini will turn left to right t that the front wheels, but the back wheels won’t move?

your motor is probbably dead or you need to replace the brushes on it, also make sure that all of your connections are good. Reference: hobbist

My front right wheel is making real bad noises i thought the wheel does not turn it was the tie rod with the other three wheels

Sized caliper

Can you fix chrome wheels that get scraped from a curb?

If they are chrome a bad shop. Which is usually expensive. If it is only a minor scrape you might try some rubbing compound (such as Mothers) which you can get from most any auto parts store scrape will most likely go the only way to repair them rechromed at a plating that would be to have through the chrome plating and. Good luck.

i have a drop curb and park in front of it a driveway can my neighbours so that i cant get on my drive?

ring the police (not 999 or 911)its classed as an obstruction/nuisancesame thing is happening with my house and they keep parking or out….police told my mum to take mum at the mo, she lives in a corner so she cant get in photos etc for evidence, just make sure you dont get faces

My front wheels don’t spins when in 4wd. But the front drive shaft is spinning

There is a vacuum actuator that, then you have a bad locks the front axle, located on the front differential the diff cover. Pull the vacuum hose off vacuum present in 4wd, if you do and the on the right side of and see if you have front axle is not engaging actuator.

I hear a “thud” sound when shifting from Park to Reverse gear on a Uphill/Downhill road.

It sound as if the hand hill. What’s worse is moving from reverse to forward and not completely brake is not properly engaging its function and test it strong enough to handle a. Have a mechanic look at on a hill. Having said that, your certified honda should be little tranmisssion pressure on a stopping.

Is it against the law to driveway leading to a small park in front of a garage if curb is not dropped?

yes you do – but its dammed rude.

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